Three fools make a big deal in Bollywood

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发表时间:2021-01-13 11:49

This is the first time I have made a heartfelt impression of a movie, and I am deeply moved. Looking at the vulgar movie name-"Three Fools Haunted Bollywood", I didn’t have much expectations for it, but it attracted me because its film review scored as high as 9.9 points. Her conformity and curiosity prompted me to come. See what happens.Bollywood movies are usually music films. Almost all the films have at least one scene of singing and dancing. The Indian movie I want to talk about is called "Three Fools Havoc in Bollywood", and it is no surprise that this movie has singing and dancing scenes. Movies with "seven points of resonance, three points of moving, one point of funny" can't be scored by the "percent system". Using playful behavior to resist India's cramming-style education, we can't help but have a bit of a degree we are now studying without thinking, which is very enlightening. The protagonist’s mantra "Everything goes well" inspires friends, not because this sentence can solve the difficulties, but because I remember this sentence and constantly tell myself to have the courage to face everything.The philosophy and friendship in the film can only be realized by myself. The film made me realize what it means to cry with joy. There is no sense of depression but it makes people understand and recollect the philosophy of life after watching it. It is not only educational thinking, but also parents, Friends, even success. Don’t we compete for success? We pursue high scores and rankings. After learning, we don’t even know the most basic hands-on operations. How can we apply what we have learned? In the film, we can help Mona give birth to a baby and quickly do what we need. Tools used. The protagonist Rancher asks us to think about what a friend is in the fun for the funny thing about a friend? The final ending will be clear by looking at it for yourself: pursuing excellence, success will inadvertently overtake you.At the beginning of the plot, I felt funny but I felt that it turned out to be so close to my soul. The positioning of this film is a comedy, which does not seem to be accurate. I personally feel that the positioning of comedy somewhat dilutes its profound meaning. The drama is more like the post-80s who grew up under the Chinese education system and will resonate strongly with this film. Hereby recommend.