Director Position Competition Speech

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发表时间:2021-01-13 12:36

Dear leaders and judges:Hello everyone! My name is XX, and I am the director of the marketing department. What I want to compete for is the post office express customer sales director competition report. First of all, thank the organization for providing me with this opportunity, allowing me to show myself, challenge myself, and improve myself! I remember Napoleon once said this sentence: Success is hard work plus opportunity. Today, the opportunity is in front of me, and I want everyone to see my efforts!After comprehensive weighing, I believe that I have the following advantages:First, my thinking is forward-looking and I have a good overall quality. I have received a good education, I am diligent in thinking, innovative, daring to endure hardships, dare to challenge, able to accept new ideas and new concepts, and able to carry out work forward-looking; I can maintain a clean and honest work style in my work, and have an overall mind. Modest and prudent attitude in the world. In particular, the 11-year training of speech drafts for director competitions has further improved my personal training. I am familiar with postal courier production processes and various rules and regulations, familiar with computer applications, and master the daily operation and maintenance of courier business and marketing management and systems.Second, I understand the postal express market, and I can focus on customers and collective interests in my work. Having been in the postal department for many years, based on the principle of doing, loving, and drilling, my perspective has never left the market. In the marketing practice, a set of marketing work experience has been explored. These experiences include: "three hearts" love, perseverance, and confidence; "three skin marketing method" harden the scalp, wear the mouth, and run away; "San Duo" "Sanqin marketing method" promotes more, tries hard, communicates more, connects diligently, thinks more, and works diligently; "marketing method of tens of thousands" has worked hard to find the market, explore the market with great difficulties, and cultivate the market with a thousand words. I believe that this will also be an indispensable advantage in the future sales director competition report.Third, I have strong communication skills, management skills and organization and coordination skills. I started from the most basic level. More than ten years of work experience has not only enriched my experience, but also enhanced my communication skills, management skills, and organization and coordination skills. At the same time, many years of management work has enabled me to summarize a set of effective methods in terms of system and mechanism innovation, business model exploration, and management style improvement, which can maximize the benefits of the enterprise while attaching importance to the realization of the value and benefits of employees, thereby improving The double benefit of this Council.As we all know, Laibin is a new type of agricultural city. Recently, there are more imported mail and less exported mail. The city's documents are very marketable, and the logistics market has a large space. Logistics companies in the society are very prosperous. Therefore, the express customer director of Laibin Post Office is not only a goal for me, but also a motivation for me to make progress. If thanks to the love of the leaders and judges, let me take this job, I will show all my passion and courage, with a sense of professionalism and responsibility, fulfill my mission, pioneer and innovate, and use concrete actions and fruitful performance. To repay the support of the leaders and comrades, specifically, I will do the following points for the sales director competition:First, coordinate the leadership to actively develop the high-end customer market, look for business growth points, and promote a comprehensive upgrade of competitiveness. After taking office, I will position myself, conduct thorough market investigations, analyze market conditions, and actively promote the development of document and bill delivery services; focusing on the delivery and high-end customer markets, I will strive to explore new business growth points. I will also change the operating mechanism, continue to introduce new marketing strategies, do a good job in the collection and investment services of express mail for key users in the region, and promote the comprehensive upgrade of the competitiveness of the bureau.Second, focus on service, conduct training, cultivate large customers, create brand image, and maximize economic benefits. For the postal industry, service is the focus of work, and the quality of service directly determines the effectiveness of our work. After taking office, I will work hard to do a good job in service construction, strengthen the skill training of employees, focus on cultivating a group of solid large customer groups, and exchange customer trust and support with personalized and differentiated high-quality services, so as to shape and enhance our city’s post Courier’s brand image strives to maximize economic benefits.Third, I will strengthen internal organization and management, improve various systems, and improve after-sales service systems and measures. After I take office, I will focus on the integrated management of internal organizations, clarify work tasks, job responsibilities, marketing director’s competitive speech goals, improve working mechanisms, improve work plans, after-sales service systems and measures, and implement standardized work organization processes to ensure closure The smooth operation of distribution relations minimizes user losses and maintains postal credibility.Fourth, I will do a good job in supervision and inspection, promote and guide the work, and expand the influence and popularity of our bureau. I will use my own advantages in interpersonal communication and coordination to strengthen communication and coordination with local party committees and relevant government departments, and do a good job of publicity and interpretation, and strive to expand the influence and popularity of our business, and win greater support from all sectors of society. At the same time, I will do my best to improve supervision and inspection, reward and punishment assessment, and overall planning. If there is an imbalance in the regional development of the business, I will cooperate with the leadership to strengthen business guidance, formulate scientific and reasonable assessment methods, and promote coordinated business development.Dear leaders and judges, I am a persistent person. As long as I set a certain goal, I will persevere. If I succeed in the competition today, I will be like a pioneer who doesn’t need to raise the whip for self-reliance, and I will actively participate in the express delivery industry, build a fast postal channel for thousands of households, and hand in a satisfactory answer to the city’s 100,000 old folks. .My speech for the job offer is over, thank you all!

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