The director competes for a three-minute speech

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Dear leaders and judges:

Hello everyone! Today, I am very honored to stand here to participate in the competition report of operations supervisor. First of all, I would like to thank the leaders and comrades of the bank for providing me with this opportunity to show and review myself. Thank you everyone!

My name is ***. I am ** years old this year. I have a ** education, major in accounting, and an accountant title. Possess the accountant qualification certificate, as well as the public foundation of the banking qualification examination, personal financial management and risk management and other qualifications. I joined the work in 1949 and have successively engaged in savings, joint banking, corporate settlement, bank accounting supervisor competition, post-event supervision, deputy chief of the finance and accounting department, appointed financial supervisor and business manager head. ** Working in *** since the year.

Before participating in the competition, I once asked myself three questions: Why should I participate in this competition? Why should I participate in this competition, and where is my competitive advantage? If the competition is successful, what can I do for the Monopoly Bureau?

I think that careful thinking and answering of these three questions is a prerequisite for my good job. Below, I will report to you the results of my thoughts on these three issues.

1. Why should I participate in this supervisor competition?

My answer is because I love this job and I have strong confidence in doing it well.

Einstein once said: "Interest is the best teacher, and confidence is the source of success." I think that if you want to do anything well, interest and confidence are indispensable. Over the past 10 years in the industry, I have always been honest and dedicated to my job, work diligently, and work hard. Not only have I won praise from leaders and good deeds, but I have also been rated as an advanced member of XX office and XX branch. Provincial bank outstanding depositor, outstanding domestic settlement administrator, won the second prize of the accounting competition group. Especially during the period when I was appointed as the financial and accounting supervisor of the XX branch appointed by the XX Ministry, my work was praised by the provincial XX department, XX department and XX branch. The performance appraisal in 2006 and the first half of 2007 were all A.

My feelings for financial work are getting deeper and deeper, and I deeply love this challenging supervisory job offer. It is out of my love for work. Over the years, I have been dedicated to my work, selflessly dedicated, and have achieved outstanding results in my work. I firmly believe that this love will lead me to do for me in a new job. Make greater contributions to the development of the country. This is my original intention to participate in this competition.

2. Why should I participate in this supervisor competition report? Where is my competitive advantage?

I believe that "facts speak louder than words", and I will report on the following three aspects based on my work experience:

First of all, I have a solid foundation of professional philosophy and writing skills. In the university, I systematically studied accounting and other theoretical knowledge. After joining the work, I did not give up any chance to study, but kept working hard and improving continuously, and obtained various professional certificates successively. At the same time, I also have a solid foundation in writing. I have drafted the "XX Method" and "XX Agreement". Especially during the period when XX branch was the appointed financial and accounting supervisor, the various reports of the planning and accounting department of XX branch were almost from my own One person's hand.

Secondly, I am familiar with banking business and have rich practical experience. Since joining the bank, I have started from the basics and worked in multiple positions. I am not only familiar with the relevant business operations and regulations of the bank, but also familiar with the business process of the bank. No matter what I did, I did a very good job and received awards. The accumulation of knowledge and experience in multiple positions has given me a holistic understanding of the bank's work in the speech drafts of competitive directors, and improved my ability to identify risks. During my year as the head of the business manager of the * sub-branch, the error rate of the sub-branch dropped significantly, and in 8 months, zero errors in the counter business were achieved. All these accumulations of experience and achievements have made me confident and capable of taking on the important responsibilities of the operation team leader.

Again, I have the ability to organize, coordinate and communicate. During my tenure as the deputy chief of the accounting department, I assisted the chief to organize the entire department into a group with strong cohesion and combat effectiveness. The accounting department has also been rated as an "advanced department" for many times. I was responsible for organizing and guiding the online promotion of the system during the guidance work and the system switching day. During the bidding draft of the bank accounting supervisor, I was responsible for planning the overall work of the accounting department and dealing with the internal audit department and the external audit department. In the process, the relationship with various departments was well coordinated.

3. If the competition is successful, what can I do for the marketing department?

Although I think I have certain advantages, I know that personal strength is only a drop in the ocean and it is insignificant. Only by carrying forward the spirit of teamwork and exerting the wisdom and strength of the group can we improve our work. Therefore, if I can get everyone's trust and support this time and be honorably elected, I will cooperate with the leaders to carry out the work in the following aspects:

First, put your position in the right position, and be a good three "role"

In the future work, I will position myself well, clarify my responsibilities, and play the "three roles". The "three roles" are "assistant, leader and friend". One is to be a good leader's assistant. To achieve organizational compliance so as not to blindly follow, to be ordered and not to be ordered, to be good but not to be superior; to take the initiative and not to move blindly at work, to be an assistant and not to shake hands, to merge and not to cater to; ideologically this article is from http://www. lunwenxz.com/ If reprinted, please indicate respect for leaders and help them solve problems. The second is to communicate more with employees, be familiar with the work situation of the management center, identify the focus and difficulties of the work, formulate effective work plans and goals, and carry out the work in a targeted manner. The third is to be a good friend of employees, to care more about employees in work and life, to be anxious to the needs of employees, and to think about what they think.

Second, improve service awareness, do a good job in service, and use our high-quality services to provide strong logistics support for the wealth center.

Doing a good job of service, doing a good job in the logistics guarantee service and administrative comprehensive affairs of the wealth management center are our main responsibilities. If we do a good job with high-quality services, it is always a problem I think about. Specifically, I will do a good job in the "three services" and earnestly do all the tasks of "serving the leaders, the center, and the customers". I will organically combine the sharing of worries for the leaders and the service for the wealth center, and strive to adhere to principled flexibility in **, **, and **, with a clear mind, diligent hands and feet, sincerity in dealing with others, and broad-mindedness. Be fair in doing things, be cautious in words and deeds, and strive not to delay things arranged by the leaders, not to allow the passing of approval documents to be backlogged here, not to let all kinds of errors in our center, not to let comrades who come to work in the cold here, no Let the image of the department be affected in our center and play its role as the center.

Third, with refined management as a means and work focus as a breakthrough, actively promote the competitive employment of the accounting supervisor of the wealth management center.

The current international and domestic economic situation is severe, which brings new challenges to our financial industry. How to do fine management and innovate working methods is extremely important for each wealth center. The focus of doing a good job of inspection, assessment statistics, analysis and performance management is to further strengthen the training of the talent team. Talents are the main force in all the work of the wealth center, and the working ability and level of the staff are closely related to our performance.

First of all, we must increase their professional knowledge training, arm their minds with cutting-edge work concepts, working methods, and methods, so that they can clarify who they want to work with, what attitude, how to work better, and improve the service level. . Second, formulate an assessment and incentive management system and rules that suit the characteristics of staff management and incentives, reward diligence and punish laziness, to encourage staff to the greatest extent, and create a team that is particularly capable of fighting.

At the same time, I will combine the reality of the reform and development of the unit, optimize the work process, reduce the work procedures, improve the rules and regulations, and do a good job in target management while fixing posts and responsibilities. From myself to the clerks, I have things to do. There are rules to follow from handling to administrative logistics services, and strive to eliminate the "absence" and "offside" phenomenon in the service guarantee work, improve the initiative and predictability of the work, and ensure the efficient and orderly operation of the work and the superior decision-making agencies Realize.

Dear leaders, judges, and the supervisor’s competition speech, I am here for success. If my honesty, self-confidence, and ability can be recognized by everyone, I will cherish this opportunity and work harder and use my own work. Performance returns everyone's trust and love. It is true that competition means that someone will be eliminated. I am fully prepared. The results of success are indeed fascinating, but the process of pursuing success is also infinite. Today, no matter what the result is, I have to say "I This movement in life is extremely brilliant and wonderful!"

My presentation on the competition report is over, thank you all!

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