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On the twenty-ninth of the twelfth lunar month, I have an important task-to help dad paste the Spring Festival couplets. So, I got up early. Maybe you will have some questions, isn’t it the 28th post of Spring Festival couplets? How could you post it on the 29th? We don’t want to "break" the tradition of 5,000 schools in our country! But we can’t help it, because the weather is unpredictable. , The wind on the twenty-eighth day was too great, even if it was posted, it would be ruthlessly blown away by the wind. Dad said it would be unlucky if the wind blows away, so he changed it to the twenty-nine post.

This great project was about to begin. I ran to the door, stared at both sides of the door, and imagined how to accomplish this task. At this time, my father was making a bowl of something similar to porridge. I asked him what it was for, but he smiled mysteriously and said, "You'll know in a while. Don't be idle, go and cut the spring couplets. "Thinking about my understanding of my father, the more I asked when he was busy, the less he would tell me, so I had to cut my spring couplets silently. After a while, my spring couplets were cut, and my father's "porridge" was cooked. I heard him yelling in the kitchen: "Mengmeng, come and get the paste." It turned out that Dad made the paste! It was a pair of stickers.

The most important project has started. I will help Dad move the ladder over. Dad’s task is to apply the paste and paste the Spring Festival couplets. As for me, I just need to stand down and see if Dad’s stickers are correct.

It was posted very quickly, and it was done in a while, and then began to post the door god, and also posted "Man Yard Chunhui" in the yard, "Entry and Exit" next to the gate, and "Continuous Flow" next to the tap...

After working hard for most of the day, there is only the last process left-sticking "Fu". Dad smeared some paste on the wall and pasted the word "Fu" upside down. I quickly said, "Dad, you posted it upside down." But Dad didn't hear it, so he stuck it up. I was very surprised, so I asked: "Why do you post it backwards!" Dad smiled, and said, "Fortune is here. Fortune is here. Posting upside down means that fortune is here! It's a good sign." Oh, it turns out that there are such things. Say it! I became interested in the Spring Festival couplets, and I checked some information on the Internet, only to realize that the Spring Festival couplets have a long history in China. Song Dynasty poet Wang Anshi wrote in "Yuan Ri": "The sound of firecrackers is a year old, and the spring breeze is sent to Tusu. Thousands of families will always exchange new peaches for old symbols." The new peach in this poem And the old symbols are the prototype of the Spring Festival couplets. Emperor Kangxi was also a master at writing couplets. The couplet of Qifeng Pavilion in Zhenjiang Jinshan inscribed by him is a very good couplet: "The sun will sink the pavilion from the beginning of Xiyun, and the rain will be full of wind." Today, it has entered a brand new era. Spring couplets, an ancient evergreen tree, will surely show alluring appearance in the new century.

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