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On a sunny spring day, our fifth grade classmates came to Lushan Botanical Garden to visit the reclusive plants living in Kuanglu.

Walking into the botanical garden is like walking into a green ocean. The cedars and pines in the distance are lush and green, while the sycamores and tuliptrees in the vicinity reveal their buds. Trees and shrubs are scattered high and low, like guards of honor waiting for our arrival. Going further inside, we see the Succulent Exhibition in the Botanical Garden is being held. Wow! Those green, plump succulent plants are selling cuteness to us. The round peach egg is like a chubby baby, and the long prayer beads are like a green bracelet. My favorite is the peculiar-shaped Lithops, because Lithops’ hometown is in the arid desert. Bad weather makes it gradually.

Developed into the appearance of stone. Don’t look at it’s unbelievable appearance, its tiny two-petal “butt” leaves have plenty of water, and we are attracted by its cute appearance, and can’t help but gently touch this cute “butt” with our fingers. flower". Expert uncle said that when the sun is scorching the desert, the moisture in the leaves of Lithops will allow it to survive this life-threatening period. The bear's paw is as lovely as the lithophyte. This succulent plant is worthy of its name. You see, its thick leaves have thin white hairs, and the edges of the leaves have red pointed tips, which look like the claws of a bear.

The plants in the Lushan Botanical Garden are extremely rich, with beautiful leaves, red and white red frost, golden tigers covered with thorns, and colorful rhododendrons. All afternoon, our eyes were busy.

The sun is setting. This journey of seeking spring will come to an end. We picked up the camera in our hand to freeze this beautiful moment, and at the same time, we also freeze this unforgettable memory.

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