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"Tick, tick..." In the quiet night, I only heard the sound of the hands moving. I looked at the watch and it was 11:30. I rolled over again, covered my head with a quilt, and still couldn't sleep. I closed my eyes and gradually, gradually fell asleep.

Suddenly, I dreamed that Monkey King had come to the 21st century. He was wandering east and west on the street, but he was happy. I saw Monkey King and waved my hand and said: "Hello, Monkey King. Welcome to the 21st century." Monkey King said: "What, what is the 21st century." "Haha, tell you, Monkey King. One century is 100 years, too. In other words, there have been 21 for 100 years now!" Suddenly, a plane flew overhead, and Monkey King shouted: "What monster? Eat my old sun with a stick." Then, Monkey King picked up the gold. Gubang, when I was about to chase the plane, I quickly dissuaded me: "Oh, that's not a monster, it's called an airplane. It's a vehicle for passengers to travel." Monkey King said, "My old Sun understands." As we walked by When at a tourist attraction, Monkey King saw a man in Monkey King’s costume playing a game, and he said: "Damn, the monster is dressed up like me!" The man was so scared that he took off his clothes and said, "No, no. , I am not a monster, I am just wearing your clothes."

Suddenly, the earthquake alarm rang! Then there was an earthquake, which knocked me down. I woke up from my dream, it turned out that the alarm clock rang. When I got out of bed, before I was too awake, I fell under the bed. When I had breakfast, I thought about this beautiful dream. I met Monkey King in my dream. It was amazing!

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