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The sweet-scented osmanthus tree is a fairy with a charming fragrance. August of the lunar calendar is the season when the osmanthus is in full bloom. Wherever you go, you will smell a light floral fragrance in the gentle breeze. I like its sweet and elegant fragrance, just like a person Gentle girl.

I think the sweet-scented osmanthus tree not only has a charming fragrance, but its flowers are also beautiful. The leaves of the sweet-scented osmanthus are very hard and thick. The emerald green leaves are inlaid with many beautiful yellow stamens like stars. Small clusters and small clusters tighten the fragrance. Condensed together, osmanthus has golden osmanthus and silver osmanthus, and my favorite is Dangui. It is the darkest flower of all osmanthus flowers. From a distance, the orange-yellow flowers are all over the branches, blooming passionately and exuding bursts. The scent is so fragrant that people can't help but stay and take a few more deep breaths. I really want to pack the fragrance full of fragrance in a bottle and take it home. I can smell it when I have time.

But the most regrettable thing is that the flowering time of osmanthus is very short. Maybe you don’t enjoy it and it will wither. That’s why those of us who like osmanthus cherish its arrival even more.

Osmanthus fragrans is the city flower of Suzhou. It has a long history of cultivation. Suzhou people have regarded osmanthus as a kind of good memory of their hometown. Many people will visit them. They also have parks featuring osmanthus. The wind blows far away. You can smell the fragrance. There are two osmanthus trees in Suzhou city that are more than 600 years old. The people here are really happy! Osmanthus can not only be admired but can also be used to make osmanthus wine. It is also very good for making cakes, such as sweet-scented osmanthus, sweet-scented osmanthus wine stuffed ball and sweet-scented osmanthus glutinous rice lotus root. Think about it, you will drool. If you go to Suzhou in the autumn season, maybe you can Catch up with them shaking the osmanthus, to feel the romance of an osmanthus rain, the rustling flowers fell on the blanket one after another, like a goddess sprinkling flowers on the world.

Our family went to Suzhou this fall. I ate sweet-scented osmanthus glutinous rice balls with sweet-scented osmanthus, and the scent of rice wine and sweet-scented osmanthus mixed together. Together, it makes people happy both physically and mentally. I just want to slowly savor it in small bites and let the fragrance stay for a while.

In the golden autumn and September, the sweet osmanthus fragrance, I love this sweet-scented osmanthus tree, thank it for the beauty it brings us, I think you must also like it very much.

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