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Dear Mr. Confucius:

Hello! I am a middle school student from the 21st century. I am writing to you today after thousands of years. I would like to talk about your academic thoughts about your personal experience. Please forgive me if I am wrong.

Today, thousands of years later, the world's evaluation of you is mixed. Your thoughts are still a hot topic in the academic world and among the people.

For the education sector at that time, you put forward the view of "there is no kind of education". From the perspective of educators, it is completely correct to receive good traditional education for young people. However, the differences in class levels and economic conditions at that time caused the aristocracy to monopolize education, making it difficult for common people to enjoy the right to education, and there was a prominent problem of educational unfairness. Why did you not find a way to solve this problem? This is one of my questions. In terms of political thought, what you put forward is the viewpoint of "li" and "benevolence". This kind of detached thought promotes the "benevolent government" in Confucianism, which breaks the traditional feudal idea that "li is not under common people". These thoughts have played a positive role in the cultivation of ancient Chinese educational thoughts and talents, and the rulers' management of the world. You are indispensable.

In that era, you were a warrior who dared to put forward suggestions to the ruling class to rule the world and manage the people. But how many kings have understood your painstaking efforts and adopted your governance strategy. Don't you feel disappointed? Perhaps someone has thought of this before, but you dare to practice educational ideas and moral standards, which really impresses me. And your profound thoughts are beyond the reach of almost everyone.

For some later ruling classes, Confucianism became a tool to subdue the people and lost its most essential meaning. The idea of "harmony is precious" has been completely ignored by the frenzied ruling class, and many advocates such as "learning and excellence are good." To be honest, I don't agree with your view that "everything is inferior, only a good student". Yes, knowledge comes from books, and it can also come from other people’s teachings. As long as they have a skill and are used by the society, they are noble people. There is not a saying, "Three hundred and sixty lines, the best scholars", can it be said that there are only scholars Is it noble? From a certain point of view, some elements of your Confucianism do have many scholars. This is your misleading and negligence.

In short, I did not fully understand you before and did not understand your thoughts deeply enough. Therefore, today’s letter contains both my apology and admiration for your contributions to the history of the motherland over the years.

Wish your traditional morals stay in the world forever!

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