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This Spring Festival, I came to my hometown as usual, and it was very lively, especially during the New Year, every day is very interesting. Everyone often visits relatives and friends together and rushes to each other. Often go to bed late at night.

Take a snowman for example! Shanghai does not often snow, but my hometown often snows, often thickly covering the ground. I called my brother, sister and father, and decided to make a snowman together.

We started to prepare separately. I was afraid of the cold, so I put on thick gloves. Dad brought a shovel to transport snow. Can't wait for us to start making snowmen. My sister brought a basin and piled up the snow. I rounded the snowball with thick gloves. Everyone was very busy, sometimes throwing snowballs at each other, and a cheerful atmosphere filled the sky above us. In a short while, a chubby little snowman was ready, but it looked too monotonous. I ran into the room all my head, and after looking around, I returned triumphantly. I brought my sister’s little hat and scarf, mom’s sunglasses, carrots from the kitchen, and grandma’s old buttons. I happily put on my sister’s little hat and scarf for my little snowman, made a nose with carrots from the kitchen, and put on mother’s sunglasses, and set the snowman’s body with grandma’s old buttons for clothes and eyes. At this time, my father picked up a broken umbrella from nowhere, took it apart, used its metal frame as a hand, and made a skirt with the umbrella body. A beautiful snowman princess appeared.

We were standing next to the snowman, and Dad took a photo for us as a souvenir. We were all very happy at the time, but...

We came to visit the little snowman early the next morning, and we were shocked as soon as we left the house. What appeared in front of us was a weakened, poor little snowman who was about to fall. The naughty little cousin broke the deadlock and said:-Let's use it for snowball fights. ‘’--No, I have put a lot of thought on it. ‘’I firmly oppose it. As soon as the words fell silent, the snowman fell down. Finally, I reluctantly agreed. Decided to let the snowman sacrifice and become our snow picking point.

In the end, although the snowman was sacrificed, it gave us great happiness. Let us forget it in happiness, let happiness and laughter replace it, goodbye, little snowman!

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