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Time passes by minute by minute, and the days pass by day by day, we always lament that the years are so merciless, but never think about how to cherish the present.

On the day I first received the news, I only vaguely remembered that my mother dropped the phone in a hurry and drove me to the hospital.

There were many people in the ward. They all murmured and comforted the woman on the bed. They looked closer and found out that it was an aunt. She had just been examined and was in the terminal stage of cancer. I was shocked and speechless. , I just sighed deeply in my heart, and the noisy crowd finally dispersed. Mom and I sat solemnly next to the ward. Mom said a lot of things here and there. The aunt just smiled and said: People living in the world, no one can predict what will happen next, just relax and treat it, it’s not a big deal, instead of counting the days to see there are still days, it’s better to cherish what you have now. Time to do what you want to do. "

For the rest of the day, my aunt did not receive treatment. Instead, she traveled to places that she had nostalgic for and hoped for. She sent me many photos. In the photos, she seemed to be a traveler, so carefree and so careless. Happiness, she also said that this period is the most beautiful and happiest day in her life.

A few months later, she came back and told me the interesting things she had encountered during the trip. While talking about it, she also asked me to see if I had a chance in the future. The world is really beautiful, and she said that life has no regrets …….

Although knowing that it was the last journey in her life, she still thanked God for these days, because she had never cherished every minute and every second she lived so much.

Life is not long to say, just a few dozen years. Looking back on the past, maybe it’s just a flash of God. Many people have gone through their lives, but found that it is really meaningful. It seems that there are not a few days, because they count every day. , How many days can I live if I arrive...

In fact, life is not long or short. It is best to have meaning every day. Don’t come to the end and discover that you have not done anything in your life. You only count the days, but you never cherish the time you have. Therefore, cherish the present. When I open up the yellowing memory, I will find that my life is really meaningful

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