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I don't know if you are well in heaven, and it's almost your death day. Before you know it, you have been away for seven years. In the winter morning, the cold wind was blowing, miserable and deserted.

On December 8, 20xx, you closed your eyes forever. Mom said that grandpa went to heaven. When you think about grandpa, look for the brightest star in the sky. The brightest star is grandpa. The star flashes one after another. What flashed was that grandpa was talking to us and smiling at us. After I listened, I understood everything. Whenever there are stars in the night, I will look at the beautiful night sky to find the most beautiful and brightest star, and then I will be happy. Call grandpa is watching me. I didn't cry that day, I thought you would come back. Didn't Grandpa say he wanted to watch me grow up? Didn't he say he wanted to play with me? But you broke your promise.

I still remember that every morning when you come back from the construction site, you are already very tired, but you still don’t forget to buy some steamed buns for me to eat. You will always run on rugged mountain roads with me behind your back, you will always play with me, you will always leave me good things, that is my happiest time. Later, I realized that your death was a doomed end. When you were undergoing chemotherapy, looking at your pale cheeks, it was painful, but the family who remained silent was already in tears. When I was young, I was waiting for you to play with me. Gradually, from hope to disappointment, from disappointment to despair.

People are always like this. Many times when we lose an object, we realize its preciousness. Now beside my grandma is another grandpa, so I never go back to the place that once made me happy and full of good memories. Looking back again, things are already wrong.

Grandpa, I miss you so much, and I can only look at the brightest star in the sky, as if you are still there. Forgive me for not being able to go back to see you, I'm afraid you will be sad if I cry. Grandpa, you will never be tortured by illness anymore. I don't know if I should be happy or sad. If you are well there, it will be enough.

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