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It’s May Day again. There are three days of vacation. Where do I go? Travel to other cities? There is not so much free time. There is more time to come and go than to play there. Go to the nearest park to play? Forget it, I don’t know how many times more people come to travel during the May Day holiday than the locals, and I can’t breathe. Then stay at home, it's just boring.

After finishing the homework, what else can I do? I looked out the window and saw a thin figure slowly creeping in the corridor opposite. Take a closer look, it turns out that he is an old man who is over sixty years old. What is he doing? He is actually cleaning the corridor from the first floor to the sixth floor! Humped back, holding a small palm broom, the corners and corners are carefully Seriously not to let a small dust stick to the ground. The drops of sweat have already covered his forehead, and he seems to have no physical strength after breathing, and the next moment will be more tired than the last. But despite this, his idea of cleaning the corridor seems to have never been eliminated. At first, people who passed by just looked at him, only a sense of awe in their hearts, but did not act; gradually, more and more people paid attention to the old man, and many people suddenly thought of him when they saw him— -Today is Labor Day! Seeing so many people coming to help him, he didn't say anything. He was still acting like that, but he could see that a faint smile appeared on his face. I have seen so many and my heart is surging. I have already thrown away my previous thoughts of "I don't want to go out, afraid of dirty, afraid of chaos", and replaced it with a passionate heart who wants to work and contribute. Today is May Day!

May Day, where do we go? No matter where it is, we have to dedicate and do something that we can do for people. Isn’t this the best thing in the world? Of course, not just May Day. In normal times, We should do the same, the world will become that beautiful world!

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