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Among the traditional Chinese festivals, my favorite is the Spring Festival. In my impression, the Spring Festival is a beautiful and happy holiday.

In my hometown, as soon as the Spring Festival comes, my mother will let me and my neighbor’s sister go to the supermarket to buy Chinese New Year goods. When we arrived at the supermarket, we took a look, ah! There are so many new year goods! There are couplets, candy boxes, quilted jackets and beautiful shoes...

I discussed with my sister and decided to buy them separately.

I'm looking for so many things! I put a lot of delicious things in the basket, including candy, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. I wanted to show off the things I bought to my sister, but I was too weak to pull it no matter how hard I tried. In desperation, he sent a "help" signal to his sister.

After a while, I saw my sister coming with a small cart. I took a look at the things she bought, she bought: window grilles, couplets, candy boxes and so on. My sister smiled and said, "Little things, I thought you would buy a bunch of food." She said and nodded my head with her hand. When she said that, I just remembered that she was buying new year products, not food.

Back at home, my sister told everyone what happened in the supermarket. My story made them dumbfounded, and I laughed stupidly. At this time, the mothers smiled and said: "You go buy some fireworks and firecrackers." We bought magic bullets, grunt balls, and sky monkeys. We brought the "trophies" back home and everyone was very happy.

They asked us to help clean up again, and we deliberately added chaos. The adults said to my sister and me: "You are really helping me!" My sister and I finally stopped working and went downstairs to play.

When I returned home, I found that the house has become very tidy. Various window grilles and the word "Fu" are pasted on the windows, and Spring Festival couplets with blessings are also pasted on the door frames. It's a joy!

After the reunion dinner in the evening, our children did not watch TV, and we had a group of children playing snowball fights downstairs and frolicking. It was almost twelve o'clock, we returned home with snowflakes all over, and ran downstairs holding fireworks and firecrackers, to ignite the firecrackers before twelve o'clock. We finally caught up with the deafening, gorgeous New Year’s Eve firework party...

This is the Spring Festival in our hometown. I love my hometown and the Spring Festival in my hometown even more.

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