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I want life in full bloom/like flying in the vast sky/like walking through the boundless wilderness/with the power to break free from everything..."

   In the bottom of my heart, there will occasionally be such singing, hoarse, angry, and wild. But my body is still constrained in tedious daily affairs, only turning the "blooming" voice into soft words, chatting with family and friends around me, or humming a few gentle lyrics.

   The essence of life is loneliness. If we regard life as a journey, when we first set off, we are often frivolous and self-confident, thinking that we can ride the fastest aircraft and enjoy the most beautiful scenery; when we reach the middle of the journey, it is almost inevitable. , To go through all kinds of setbacks, from the disillusionment of ideals to the betrayal of love and friendship, or the separation of relatives and the separation of fellow travelers. One day, you will suddenly find that you are in the wild and boundless desert. The road ahead is elusive, it is difficult to discern where is the direction to go, I don't know when I have been burdened with heavy pressure and various responsibilities. I am exhausted, but I cannot retreat.

   What should I do when this happens? "Life is not satisfactory, the Ming dynasty spreads to make boats" is just a passive escape. People who can’t escape sometimes allow confusion and anxiety to spread, or even become overwhelmed, preferring physical suicide in exchange for spiritual freedom. Therefore, in our era, there are so many news of depression and suicide from all directions.

   Rousseau said: "Everyone is born free, but in the yoke of ubiquity." Milan Kundera reminds us that the "unbearable in life" is not "heavy" but "light". Thinking about it this way, everyone was originally a "dancer in shackles". What binds us is either fame and fortune, or ideals and responsibilities. Whether it is becoming rigid in the shackles or maintaining the happiness and freedom of the soul depends on our own practice and choice.

   I know the mother of a child with a rare disease. Contrary to what people think, after the initial despair, she has rarely frowned, because life has turned into a specific and busy business, and there have been more misfortunes and difficulties, so that she knows how to cherish the little bit of gain. And happiness.

  Life Travel should have a lot of scenery. If there is a long road to walk through the desert during this period, there can also be the happiness of the sky and the freedom of wandering. There is no need to question the unjust arrangements of fate, and there is no need to care about the freedom and unfreedom of life because of burdens and constraints. Only when he is in the desert can he understand how to get along with people and understand the value of freedom; only when he is trapped and shackles, the blooming life has real weight.

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