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Time is like water, time is like passing by, and it has been more than a year in a blink of an eye. Looking back, my heart is still as warm as a embrace, as soft as water, and as warm as home. I have left many good memories there, and I still remember them from now on.

At noon the day before yesterday, when I was cleaning the room, I felt that the house was too quiet, so I wanted to play some music to enjoy it. So, I put down the broom in my hand, walked gently to the computer, clicked on QQ music, and put on a Minnan song of "Life is for you".

Although we haven't seen each other for a long time, we can't remember how long we haven't seen each other. I haven't seen each other for about a year or two, right? Although I left Ruidao, each had his own job and career, and there was no contact between colleagues and colleagues. But no matter how long they met again, they still didn't feel unfamiliar, as if they were yesterday.

The friendship between people is really wonderful. Sometimes, because of work, or family, or because of something, I lose contact and slowly fade away from the past, but the love is still in my heart. When we met again, remembering the days we had walked together, it was still so warm, so warm, and so beautiful.

The relationship between friends really does not change over time. As long as it is a truly simple and pure friendship, one that has nothing to do with power or interest. No matter how long time passes, it will not be faded by the passage of time.

In my personal opinion, no matter what kind of love it is, it is classmate love, same thing, friend love is regarded as friendship, right? Friends getting along can also be regarded as a kind of love, a simple relationship, and a different kind of love. The innocence between. This kind of love, pure love without any power, money, or interest, is a rare love in the world.

Life is like a river, the left bank is our unforgettable memory, the right bank is the bright years we deserve to grasp, and what flows fast in the middle is the joy and sentiment that we have experienced year after year.

Life is a wandering journey. It is a beautiful accident to meet anyone. I cherish everyone who can make me a friend, because that is a place where the wandering heart can stop. Sometimes, Moved by a sentence, because of sincerity, sometimes I shed tears for a song, because of emotion, sometimes, I will regard the memory as a habit, because of missing, sometimes I will send you a text message because of worry.

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