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Grandma didn't like to laugh anymore.

Because of my need for someone to take care of me, my father took my grandma from the country to the city and lived with us. Because she was unfamiliar with the city, her grandma stayed behind closed doors almost every day. I have been here for a few months, and only recognize Aunt Zhang from the vegetable market. Grandma paced back and forth at home, her bored appearance is almost all the impression she has given me in the past few months. Gradually, the smile on grandma's face faded, in return for a sad face. For this reason, my father and I are very worried.

I still remember the way my grandma was smiling before, and the wrinkles on her face couldn't stop the light. She half-squinted her eyes, the corners of her mouth rose, revealing jagged teeth, and the silver hair on the temples was shining in the sun. Shining brilliantly, very cute.

After discussing with my father, I decided to take my grandma to dance square dancing with other people of the same age. At first, grandma hesitated to go, but after some persuasion from me, she finally compromised.

The neon lights of the street buildings flickered, giving a sense of haziness. I dragged my grandma to the square dancing area. The music was deafening and the crowd was bustling. There were some elderly people showing their dance in the center of the square. Those people waved their arms, backed away, rotated, and stretched their legs. Grandma I couldn't help but look silly, cracks appeared on her face, and naughty smiles emerged from the cracks, and then they swiftly broke through the cracks, overflowing grandma's cheeks.

I took my grandma to the center of the dance floor, cheered for her, and stepped aside. Grandma was a little bit cramped at first, she only dared to wave a little, making mistakes from time to time. Later, she mastered the tricks and beat the rhythm in a decent way, spinning, jumping, and standing, a series of actions one after another. In the crowd, I couldn't see her movements clearly, only the bright smile was lingering in my eyes.

In this completely unfamiliar environment, it is not easy for the older grandma to put down her guard and smile freely. Here, she began to find the self she used to be, and slowly adapted to the pace of life here, so that my father and I finally relieved the burden of worry.

It's great to see grandma's bright smile again.



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