幸福并不遥远 幸福在我们身边

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Every day, when we get home, the table is full of fragrant and hot meals. At this time, happiness is by our side. It is not far away.

Every day, when I was doing homework, a cup of hot milk and a peeled apple were quietly placed on my desk. At this time, happiness is by our side. It is not far away.

When the weather suddenly turns cold or rains, a thick sweater or an umbrella carrying the warmth of love has been delivered to us. At this time, happiness is by our side. It is not far away.

Parents give us happiness every day, should we also give back to others?

On a snowy night, when my mother dragged her body after a tiring day to return to a warm home, a sorrow and sorrow suddenly filled my heart. I hurriedly brought a pot of warm foot wash for my mother and scrubbed it. The mother's old rough feet. When I looked up, I saw clear tears in my mother's eyes. At this time, happiness is by mother's side. It is not far away.

When my mother held her cervical spine in one hand and massaged her face with pain, I knew that her mother had been sitting in the outpatient clinic for another day, bowing her head and writing a day of medical records. "Mom, mom. Please sit down and let me rub your shoulders for you!" I ran behind my mother, patted her cervical spine lightly, and talked about my childhood. At this time, happiness is by my side. It is not far away.

Life is not all smooth sailing, let us witness happiness in difficulties.

In the roughness, happiness smiles to us

Whenever we are in trouble, the power of unity and friendship allows us to fight side by side, walk hand in hand, and overcome difficulties together.

At this time, happiness is by our side. It is not far away.

As the saying goes: "It's hard to see the truth." When disasters hit, where is happiness?

In disasters, happiness protects us

When the tsunami crazily invaded Indonesia, the wind screamed for a while, the turbid waves emptied, houses collapsed, homes were destroyed and people died, and it was terrible. The tourist paradise suddenly became a ghost gate in the region, the sun and the moon were darkened, and the world was moved. Don't be afraid, the people of the world are holding hands and giving their love together. The Chinese government selflessly provided food, tents, blankets and other urgently needed relief supplies and cash to the disaster-stricken countries... At this time, happiness is with the Indonesian victims. It is not far away.

When the May 12 earthquake followed one after another, the sky fell apart, and our beautiful home was instantly in ruins. Don't be afraid, "One side is in trouble, all parties support." The world is standing behind us, and our motherland is also comforting our wounded hearts and rebuilding our beautiful homeland... At this time, happiness is by the Chinese victims. It is not far away.


Happiness is not far away, as long as we have a pair of eyes that discover happiness and a heart that perceives happiness, then happiness is everywhere!

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