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The most distressing time is porcelain and women. Porcelain is fragile, but women are like flowers, sighing blossoming......---Inscription

What is new? New is different from the past. New hopes, new thoughts, new beliefs, and new lives, this series of new strung the figure of a woman.

In the lonely setting sun, the long smoke Princess Wencheng's long journey gradually dissipated in the ups and downs of the Tang Dynasty. Looking back with tears, her heart was determined. She left with the hope of the Tang Dynasty, left the prosperous Chang'an, and stepped into the desolate plateau. Seeds, tillage tools, silk, she brought new hope to the ancient Tibetans.

Guanshan battlefield for ten years. Mulan was wearing a battle armor, holding a long sword, and straddling a horse, leaving a few feet of pride, a few strands of sadness, and a few drops of tears on the man's battlefield. Who says that women are inferior to men? Who says that the phoenix must be under the dragon? My Mulan is to break through the shackles that have remained unchanged for thousands of years.

The new thought burst out with dazzling fire. "You are a tree and a tree blooming, you are a swallow whispering between the beams, you are love, warmth, and hope, and you are the April sky on earth." Huiyin, Huiyin, why are you so weak and so weak So perseverance? Why do you want to "take a lonely boat and pull your own fiber?" Why do you leave so many bustling figures under the ancient city wall of Beijing? Because of faith, it is the pillar of your life. Perhaps the world does not understand the value of that ancient wall everywhere, but you firmly preserve it. This is your new belief.

San Mao, a symbol of modern wandering life. "If life is a cloud, its brilliance, change and drift are natural, just because it is a cloud." Sanmao is just like this, she stretches her life into a shape she wants, she will respect life The burning is so colorful, she will be sad and romantic forged by the strange hardships of wandering, and she will push the unforgettable love for Jose to the extreme. San Mao left a brand new life to the world.

New, such as the waning moon drawn by Xiaofeng, quietly swaying faint brilliance.

New, like a river, licks the soul that refuses to take refuge for a long time.

New, like a spring rain, sends out a clear stream to wash the dirty land.

Dawn bit Ye's lips, and a ray of sun leaves blood in the sky. ---It's another day.



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