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一眨眼,新的一年又堂而皇之的坐在大厅里对我笑逐颜开了。我该笑亦或该惊惶? 秋雨.霏霏的《岁末断想》告诉我,新年和旧年一样,我们无需感叹时间对人的残忍。和去年一样,有欢乐,有丰收,有悲伤,也有愁苦。但是,不管怎样变,只要有朋友在身边,我们怎么说都是幸运的。所以我们该笑着迎接新年,坦然面对旧年。



新旧交替的节骨眼儿上,由于从前的惯性驱动着思想,还是要表示一点什么才坦然些。大大小小各式各样的计划似百舸争流,在我们大脑里秩序井然地排起了长队…… 我郑重的整了整装,朝着太阳新升的方向,昂首阔步……


Time flows hurriedly around us, and inadvertently it's the end of the year. I often wonder if the bigger the person, the less time God will give him? Or, the year when I was a child is so long, and I can't hope. The new year is so fast now, and the sound of firecrackers celebrating 2021 is still faintly remaining in my ears when I just walked out the door in the old year.

In the blink of an eye, the new year was sitting in the hall with a grandiose smile at me. Should I laugh or panic? Qiuyu Fei Fei's "End of the Year Thinking" tells me that the new year is the same as the old one, we don't need to lament the cruelty of time to people. Just like last year, there is joy, harvest, sorrow and sorrow. However, no matter how we change, as long as we have friends by our side, we are lucky to say it. So we should welcome the new year with a smile and face the old year calmly.

People often have the illusion that they always feel that there is enough time, and they are always used to delaying the things at hand. As everyone knows, they drag it around, and precious lives are consumed in such a boring manner. When the New Year’s bell rang in the wind, we were shocked and stunned. The time of the year has slipped from our fingertips, leaving only the light lines on our temples. Regardless of whether there is anything that can be summarized, according to the habit, at the end of the year, you still have to look back at the footprints you have traveled along the way, whether it is bitter, or satisfied, or fortunate, or emotional.

At the beginning of each year, I am full of ambition, and my heart is surging with my pride. I think there will be magnificent feats in the next three hundred and sixty days, and become famous overnight and proud of the world. I wake up from a dream and look at the end of the year, knowing that he is still a mortal. He sighed quietly, and repeatedly reviewed "I didn't do what I should do", so I found an excuse for myself to calm down the grievances, let my self-confidence return to the homeland of my soul, and then set my firm eyes on next year... This is what everyone is willing to do to deceive themselves and give a little comfort to the soul, but subconsciously knowing it is futile.

At the juncture of the alternation of the old and the new, since the inertia of the past drives thoughts, it is still necessary to express something to be more calm. All kinds of plans, large and small, seem to be crowded, and there are long lines in our brains in an orderly manner... I solemnly reorganized my outfit, and strode for



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