新的起点 新的开始

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Everything in life is like a circle. Once there is an end, a new starting point will appear!

Holding this manuscript paper in my hand, it was heavy, either because it was unusual or because I was nervous. I checked the school, class, name, and well on the manuscript again. It was pretty good. I was satisfied.

Just about to put the manuscript paper into the mailbox, his hand retracted involuntarily. In case, in case this is another dead manuscript that has fallen to the ground; or maybe there will be an echo this time, I kept fighting and changing, without noticing that I had been standing in front of this submission box for a long time.

The autumn wind blew quietly, arousing my infinite sadness. Such a complicated mood is all because of that failure!

It was last year, also in the same fall, and in front of this submission box, my good friend A and I were in the mood of "try it out" and submitted an article of their proud work to a middle school student for the first time. At that time, how happy we were! We wished each other sincerely: "I wish you success!" For several days after submitting the manuscript, I couldn't calm down. I imagined that my composition was published in the newspaper. I congratulate the happy mood. How excited I am!

A week later, the new issue of the Middle School Student Newsletter met everyone. I searched the catalog quickly with Xiao A. "Ah, my composition! It's on board!" Little A shouted happily. I glanced at it, and it really did. What about mine? My eyes scanned every essay topic tightly like a radar, once, twice, and three times, and my heart was cold, like being poured into a basin of ice water.

I patted A on the shoulder fiercely, and said loudly, "Little A, congratulations!"

As soon as the voice fell, the tears that I was holding back still flowed out.

I ran to the toilet and cried secretly. Why? Why is God so unfair? Is it because I have finished so many essays, so I was turned away?

"It is gold that always shines!" I suddenly remembered this sentence. Yeah, how can I give up so easily? I just haven't been found out now, one day I will achieve something!

After hesitating, I made my determination. I finally looked at the manuscript and put it in the manuscript box.

I thought: If there is no news this time, I will continue to vote...because the end of failure is the beginning of success.

I waved and ushered in a new beginning.

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