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In ancient times, emperors, generals and dignitaries did everything possible to build the tombs to be strong and reliable. It cannot be said to be indestructible, but it is not an exaggeration to describe it as rock-solid and indestructible. The purpose is to prevent tomb robbers from digging, but the fact is that many tombs are still being dug and stolen, and some have been looted.

There is an ancient tomb in Shangcai, Henan, built in the Spring and Autumn Period. Archaeologists discovered during excavation in 2005 that 17 holes, large and small, had been dug in the ancient tomb, indicating how many times the tomb robbers had visited. From the research on the relics such as the utensils in the cave, ancient coins, and mineral water bottles, the tomb robbers came from different dynasties. They have all coveted this tomb for a long time, wanting to steal the gold and silver treasures inside. There is no way to study how much they have spent, the only thing that can be verified is that they all gave up halfway and returned without success. Because, after opening the ancient tomb, archaeologists discovered that most of the collections in it were well preserved.

Does this ancient tomb have any special anti-theft measures? In fact, the construction method is no different from other ancient tombs. The difference is that other tombs are backfilled with soil after they are built, while this tomb is backfilled with sand. The 17-meter-deep tomb was backfilled with 11-meter-deep fine sand, and the surface was filled with soil to cover it. More than 1,000 sharp stones of various shapes and sizes are placed in the fine sand. It was called the Quicksand Tomb by later generations. This is the secret of its anti-theft.

We know that fine sand is very fluid. When a tomb robber digs a hole, the fine sand next to it will flow into the hole and bury the hole just dug. When the dug hole is very deep, it is very easy to cause a collapse, ranging from burying the excavated hole to burying the people in the hole, and even more terrifying is the stone hidden in the fine sand falling with the collapsed sand , Became a weapon against tomb robbers.

In the eyes of the tomb raiders, no matter how hard the ancient tomb is, this ancient tomb alone was helpless in the face of the loose yellow sand.

The anti-theft concept of this ancient tomb is really clever. Generally, they try their best to build the tombs with hard materials such as rock and rammed earth. But this tomb is unconventional, abandoning the idea that only hardness is strong, using the fluidity of fine sand, adopting a soft defense method, and it is extremely successful. Who dares to say that it is not strong?

Lao Tzu once said: "The world is not weaker than water, and those who attack the strong cannot win. This is also the soft virtue." And sighed, this "softness overcomes rigidity" way, no one in the world does not know, but very Few people can "do it".

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