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Today is the second day of the new year of 2020. My family and I watched the long-awaited movie "Hello, Li Huanying" in the cinema tonight. Look, jerking...

The film starts with Jia Xiaoling pretending to be admitted to a prestigious university in 2001. When her mother was in a car accident and Jia Xiaoling was on the verge of emotional breakdown, she accidentally passed through to the young age of her mother-1981. The movie began with the goal of "making mothers happier".

First, she helped her mother buy the first TV set in the factory, then she helped her mother save her face in the volleyball game, and she helped her find a match... However, when she finished all this and was about to go back home, she suddenly found My trousers were sewn by my mother, but at that time my mother could not sew trousers yet. Only then did he realize that his mother had also traveled back to 1981, and then began to recall the past with her mother... The film ended with such a warm ending.

Watching the movie, I feel a little bit inside. Maybe everyone has heard the old saying: "The tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps on, and the child wants to support but not to wait." Jia Xiaoling pretended to be admitted to a prestigious university and was found out by her mother, trying to make herself successful, but her mother happened to be in a car accident. , Let it all disappear.

Traveling back to 1981, in order to make up for these mistakes, she made her mother happy and happier at all costs! She was so affectionate that she shed tears!

I think Jia Ling made this movie to miss her late mother. His late mother was Li Huanying. The story of her participation in the volleyball team in the factory and the three-year secret love story with Jia Ling's father Jia Wentian mentioned at the end of the film is also true.

The director, in order to miss his relatives, can make a movie; the writer, in order to miss his family, can write... But what about us? I remember that in the 90s, there was a song called "Go Home and See". What I sang is the hardship of ordinary people over the past year, and what I hear is the joy when they come home during the Chinese New Year. Yes, if you have anything to do, you often go home and have a look, and staying with your parents more is the greatest contribution we ordinary people can make to our families.

There is only one life, but the heart of a lovely family has countless times. When the spring breeze blows across the land of China, take your family out for a walk, relax, accompany your family, blow away the sadness of the past year, and welcome the new 2021.



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