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I live in a happy family of four, with my father, mother, younger sister and me, quietly telling you, our family is a small "zoo"! Believe it or not, let's go see it together!

Hardworking ant dad

Dad is very thin, like a thin bamboo pole, but Dad is very hardworking, like an industrious ant. He can't take any time off at all times. He wipes dust at home, repairs things, and goes to the market to buy groceries. . Every morning Dad would also get up very early, go downstairs for morning exercises, and come back again in sweat. I asked my dad, "Dad, are you tired? Can't we take a break?" My dad would definitely say, "Life lies in exercise. Go, Dad will take you for a run!"

Hadong Lion Roar

One day when I came home from school, I was surprised to find that my mother actually dyed her hair and dyed her original hair yellow. It looked particularly bright in the sun, "Hey, how come you look like a... "" When the words came to my lips, I held back. I didn't dare to say that in front of my mother, because my mother had a great temper and might be angry at what I said. Actually, let me tell you quietly, I think my mother is like a lion, because the color of this hair is like the color of a lion, and what? My mother’s voice is so loud, even if I’m downstairs, I can still hear my mother yelling. There is an idiom called “Hedong Lion Roar”. That’s right, this idiom is perfect for my mother. Not only does her hair look like a lion, her voice and temper are also like a lion!

Friendly Little Pig Sister

Let’s talk about my younger sister. Although my younger sister’s name is one word difference from mine, her personality is completely different from mine. I am impatient, and my younger sister is a chronic person. I don’t have to do anything fast or slow. There is only one thing she does. Always be at the forefront! Haha, you may have guessed it, that is "eating". Look at my sister's eating, so much food can be packed in her tiny mouth! My sister can eat like a pig, but I think she is a loving pig. Every time there is something delicious and fun, she will leave it to me and ask if I want it. This is my beloved little pig sister.

Grumpy kitten myself

what? what? Is the kitten still grumpy? That's right, I'm talking about me. I cling to people like a kitten, sticking to my sister, sticking to my mother, my sister is playing, and I also play with it, which is even happier than her playing! When my mother was cooking, I would closely follow my mother and help, but my mother said that I was always unhelpful, alas! I sometimes lose my temper. When I am angry, I am like a cat with exploded fur. The hair roots stand up, and no one can listen to it. I have to change the bad temper of tantrums and try to be one. A good cat!

  This little "zoo" is interesting and loving, and the story is endless!



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