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Looking forward! Looking forward! Looking forward! Wow, the final exam is finally here, and the winter vacation should be approaching. To be honest, I really like this quiet and elegant holiday...

Every night, I finally don't have to worry about getting up tomorrow, just fall asleep sweetly...Hula, hula, no matter how strong the wind is, I still nest in the warm blanket. Tick, tick, no matter when and where, I can still travel sweetly in my dreams. When I am hungry, I can replenish nutrition in time; when I am tired, I can leave the tunnel of dreams... Ha ha ha, this is the first thing I want to do in the winter vacation: sleep well. There is no denying that I am a bit lazy.

When the goose feathers are snowing and the New Year’s bell is approaching tomorrow, I will fulfill the last day of the year. Make a cup of warm tea and put it on the small cabinet. I leaned on the bed, holding a classic book, and savoring it slowly. The scent of tea circulated in my mouth and climbed on the tip of my tongue. The scent of books melted in my heart, and finally turned into silk threads, wrapped around my heart. Perhaps I have read the climax of the story, and I will take a sip of tea, let the fragrance of tea and the fragrance of books merge into one...At night, fireworks are burning for most of the sky, and when the night is red, I will quietly think: Why can Lin Xiaolu and Su Yan became a friend? How is this possible? What breakthrough did I achieve? Whom did I make friends with? "Thinking is the most beautiful flower." Yes, this night, I will put a small piece of the brilliant light of wisdom into my heart. One year, there is always something to gain.

Winter vacation is not winter, it still has a vibrant part. Spring blossoms and all things are revived. Willow stretches its waist and yawns to welcome the spring. Oh, it's all sprouting! At this time, the Jiangnan Water Town must not have some fun! I want to take the train and drive into the paradise on earth with the sound of "rumbling". South of the Yangtze River is a water town. I would ride on a bamboo raft, listen to the sound of the water, watch the water swing, my heart melted into ripples, and slowly melted: the green water, the green mountains, whether the water dyes the mountains or the mountains green Out of the water? Let people imagine it. If the water of the Yellow River is broad-minded, then the water in the south of the Yangtze River is more intriguing, or calm, or gently swaying with clear waves, but I have never seen it lose its temper, which makes people also gentle and refreshing. I also want to go to the tower where the white lady was trapped, look at the broken bridge in the West Lake, and imagine the scene when Xu Xian and her first met...

Holidays will never seem long. Because it will be full of joy and interest. Today, I wrote down my holiday plan, just to usher in the holiday early... You said, can my wish come true?

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