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Not only do you need to be polite everywhere in life, you also need to be sincere. The two are inseparable.

The Wangs, who live on the first floor, have a neat little courtyard. In the small yard, there are various beautiful flowers, flowers, earthy fragrances, grass fragrances, and various fragrances are gathered together, which makes people feel better. However, an elderly couple living above them always spread the ashes from the broom into the Wangs’ small courtyard. But the Wangs were not angry, but silently swept the ashes into the trash can.

Once, Wang and his wife were about to build a small pavilion in a small yard, and the elderly couple began to complain: "No, no, if the thief climbed into the window of our house along the pavilion, what should we do? Ah? Yes. Mental loss and loss of money, you will pay for the missing money?" Mr. Wang said, "Then I will install a security window for your home." The elderly agreed, but the elderly felt that the renovation cost should be king. The couple's family will pay. The Wangs nodded and agreed. Many people think that the old couple will be moved by the Wangs and his family, but they never expected that the old couple would still throw ashes in the small yard when Mr. and Mrs. Wang were away.

Mr. Wang likes fishing. One day, he caught a fish weighing more than ten kilograms and he was very happy. Mrs. Wang said to her husband, “The two companions upstairs are old and their children are not around. This fish is too big, so let’s cut half of them for them.” Mr. Wang felt it was the same, and agreed. After receiving the fish, the two old men suddenly blushed. The grandfather said to the old lady: "My wife, are we too stingy?" The grandmother nodded and thought: The one downstairs installed security windows for us and gave us fish. We seemed to be doing something wrong. Can't scatter the ashes there.

The next day, the old couple apologized to the Wangs and hoped that the Wangs would forgive them for their ashes. The Wangs smiled and said, "We have never been angry." The two old men said sincerely with tears in their eyes: "A good person is a good person!"

Remember to be sincere and polite, and society will be more beautiful and harmonious

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