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Running should be a run with a goal. The goal is an ideal. Everyone should keep running towards that goal. But you know, that is definitely not the end, one goal is over, there is another goal, because there is no best, only better. Where is the end? The end of life is the end of the run. People should be born for goals, so people have to run all their lives. As long as there is a hint of breath in life, we should always pursue ideals. As long as a running life is a brilliant life.

Beethoven is a great musician. Although he was deaf, he was not overwhelmed in the face of great difficulties. Instead, he cheered up again, mustered the courage without hesitation, and ran all the way, even if there were difficulties, Beethoven persisted. In the end, Beethoven's achievements were even greater, and he composed many famous songs. So we must let ourselves run,’ that is actually a reborn life. Only by running can success be possible. Success will not run to you, you must run to success.

And the famous scientist Stephen. Hawking's life is full of ups and downs. When he lost consciousness and became mute in his lower limbs, he still tapped the keyboard with his movable fingers. Hawking, who was once considered to have a high IQ, although his body can only be in a wheelchair, his thoughts have already run out of the universe. Running not only makes people progress, but also brings people closer to their goals. However, some people are not enterprising and idle. Such people are doomed to fail because they don't know how to make themselves run.

"A person's life should be spent like this. When he looks back on the past, he should not regret his inaction, or be ashamed of wasting his years." Running for a lifetime, he will not be inactive, let alone wasting his years, but full of pursuit. Life. Life is not about how to live, but how to live a wonderful life. Don’t think that running will only make people tired, but how can there be rewards if you don’t pay? "The sword's edge comes from sharpening, and the plum blossom comes from the bitter cold." There is also a saying, "The sun is always after the wind and rain." Yes, no How can we see the rainbow after wind and rain? In fact, running is not terrible. As long as we are full of confidence, vigor and spirit, we can overcome difficulties and realize our ideals in life.

Please let yourself run, go forward courageously, run wildly, success is in front of you.

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