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随着岁月的流逝,随着春风的飘送,随着泪水的洗涤 ,书写幸福的笔尖挤满了欢笑。









I don't know how many springs and autumns the sun rises, how long I have been running like this, who knows what will happen in the future, no matter how big the wind, no matter how big the waves, let us make a break, dreams are no longer a fairy tale. ----Inscription

As the years passed, as the spring breeze passed, as the tears washed away, the pen tip for writing happiness was filled with laughter.

Turning on the TV, scene after scene of heart-wrenching scenes appeared in front of my eyes, lingering and rippling in my mind one by one, rescued one by one so cute and pitiful compatriots, some children even short In a short second, I must grasp the desire in my heart, and I still hold the hopeful pencil tightly in my hand. Time passed by, and the compatriots in the ruins did not give up...

Seeing the tragic scene in front of me, my tears couldn't help falling, sad and crying for you, praying to heaven, and deeply portraying the wall of love in my heart. Hope is the shoulder you rely on. We must have confidence in the future and create a better tomorrow. As the saying goes: When the holy flame is ignited for the first time, it is hope to follow, when the end is no longer permanent, it is the heart that is experiencing, caring how many rebirths are waiting, not caring about laughter with tears, flying beyond dreams, you and I need to face it sincerely, let Life recalls this moment and remembers this time.

Compatriots in Sichuan, no matter what happens, we will always be together, hand in hand, building the wall of our love. Let us learn together and make progress together, and surround the source of happiness that belongs to our learning with the catchy sound of reading.

I hope that the end is the Aegean Sea, and the dream is on the other side. We want to roam the world, see the miracle right in front of us, wait for the sunset to dye the sky, make a wish shoulder to shoulder, running with the wind is the direction, chasing the power of thunder and electricity, Put the vast ocean into my chest, no matter how small the sail is, you can sail far away, fly with the wind and dream like wings, dare to make love and bravely break through, even if you encounter no matter how strong the wind is, no matter how big the waves are. There will be tacit glances.

The departure of dandelion is not because the wind is destroying it, but because it needs to go farther to find its own fairy tale. Finally, one day, it will find a piece of sky belonging to it.

Finally, the "performance" of the Sichuan earthquake faded away in the sad lyrics, leaving us with only deep shock and sadness. The strong elves, the kind people, and the dark night are making the most touching melody for the "performance"...

Little elves, you must be strong and brave to live, must, must...

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