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Spring is here, and every corner of the earth is full of spring breath.

The campus is full of bright spring elephants. The willow tree has drawn out the thin willow silk, and the top is decorated with light yellow tender leaves; the grass has drilled out with the fragrance of earth, clusters, clusters, and The tender and green flowers stretched out, yawned, and stuck out their little heads; the children took off their heavy winter clothes and put on light and bright spring clothes; the little birds flew out from home, Sing a beautiful song and tell us: spring is here!

Spring is really here, in the pond, in the fields, in the sky, everywhere is full of vitality. The scenery of nature has also become colorful. On a sunny day, the warm sun shines on the body and the soft spring breeze Brushing on the face is warm and comfortable: on rainy days, spring thunders will blow from time to time, which is both thrilling and exciting.

The scenery in spring is so beautiful, and people's moods in spring are more beautiful. After a whole winter, the waist is straightened, and the cheerful smile is full of hope. The park is lively again, young people taking pictures, old people fishing, catching insects One by one, the children intoxicated in the embrace of nature and lingered forever.

People are busier in spring. As the saying goes: the plan for a year lies in spring. You see, in the streets and alleys of the city, there are busy figures coming and going. In the fields of the countryside, farmers are spreading hope. Seeds. There are new semester timetables on the walls of the classroom. There are many knowledge fruits waiting for us to pick up in each new book.

I love spring, I like to smell the fragrance of flowers, see the fresh green of big trees, and hear the singing of Xiaowu. I love spring, because spring is full of life and new hope!

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