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How can the years be quiet, it's just that someone is carrying your weight forward!

Before we had time to enjoy the good time of this summer vacation, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic hit our hometown-Dalian Bay without mercy. The government took urgent action to close all major shopping malls and supermarkets for complete disinfection.

At this tense moment, people are hiding at home, but there is a group of people who rushed to the forefront of the epidemic regardless of personal safety. They have a common name-volunteer!

Due to the closure of the community, the daily life of residents has become a problem, and there is no place to buy vegetables and fruits. At this time, our volunteer-"Great White Warrior" appeared. Look, before dawn, their busy figure appeared in the community. Some are unloading, ordering, sorting, and distributing to residents’ homes with a shopping list. Some are disinfecting in all corners of the community, and they are really handsome in their seriousness and fearlessness! Some are on duty at various crossings. They stay at their posts day and night to detect passing vehicles and cut off the spread of the epidemic. They have an important mission. Working in obscurity!

Our "white warriors" are also the "babies" of their parents, but in order to fight the epidemic, they leave their little family to take care of everyone. They wear heavy and air-tight protective clothing. Under the scorching sun, they measure temperature, disinfect and sweat for everyone. The clothes were soaked over and over again, and some of them were covered with hot heat rash, some were so tired that they lay down everywhere, some even went into a coma due to lack of oxygen, but they still insisted on fighting the virus!

What are they for? Not to make this epidemic end quickly and make our home happy and healthy! Their love and their spirit of selfless dedication are worth learning forever!

I really hope that I will grow up soon and be able to contribute to my motherland and my hometown just like the "White Warriors"!

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