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Chuxiong Sheep Soup Pot

Sheep soup pot is the most popular delicacy during the Yi Torch Festival. The sheep are all black goats raised on the mountain. After slaughter, remove the wool and burn it on a charcoal fire until it is golden. Use a small hammer to break the bones. It is easier to bite and cut when eaten. After that, put the meat and bones in clean water and boil, then put in the internal organs later, and put in an appropriate amount of salt before cooking. In order to ensure the original flavor of the lamb, there is no need to add too many spices. If you like, you can add some angelica and stew it over a slow fire. After cooking, add a bowl of water, add some peppers, mint and green onion. The fragrant lamb soup pot is ready to be enjoyed. Every time we celebrate the Torch Festival, our family has to eat the lamb soup pot once to relieve the greed. It's delicious, it's indescribable. If you don't believe it, come to our hometown to eat it! Guarantee the deliciousness and guarantee the nourishing effect.

Dayao Pickles

When I was young, every time I returned to my hometown, I would pickled vegetables with my aunt. My aunt washed the kohlrabi that she had grown at home and let it dry until it became dry, then chopped it into small pieces, put it in a large basin, added salt, pepper, chili, and wine, and knead it until the vegetables and condiments were fully flavored. , Put it in a jar and marinate. After two or three months, the pickles are basically ready to eat. Dayao pickles seem to be simple, but in fact there are secrets. Many people choose to bury the pickled vegetables in the ground. This way, the seal is better, not to mention the sour and refreshing taste. Good pickles are not only good in color and taste, but can be smelled from a distance, ensuring that you will drool. In summer and autumn, if you have no appetite, it is the best meal to make sure you eat one bowl and want another one. If you have no appetite, come to Dayao and have some pickles!

Yuanmou Cool Chicken

The method of Yuanmou cold chicken is relatively simple, and the focus is on the quality of the chicken. Yuanmou cold chicken must choose local chickens. After the chicken is processed, put in clean water. The water must be added at a time. It cannot be added while cooking. That will not guarantee the original chicken. The taste is finally served with seasoning and dipping water. The preparation of the dipping water is also very particular, and the seasoning can be made of pepper oil, sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce, coriander and so on. Friends who like spicy flavors can also add red spicy oil. Chuxiong Yuanmou Cool Chicken, with beautiful color, shape and taste, is a good choice in summer. It is not only rich in nutrition, but also can relieve heat.

This is the food in my hometown. Every time I go out, I will miss those tastes. If you are free, you must come and taste it!

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