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In my closet, there is a piggy bank, which was a birthday present from my grandfather when I was 5 years old.

The piggy bank is small and exquisite, simple and beautiful. It is rectangular and dark blue. There is a red handle on the top, close to the handle, a long, flat small hole, which is the coin slot, and there are five flower dogs evenly distributed beside it, as if waiting for the hard-won "meat bones"-money. Other sides of the piggy bank also have patterns of various postures of puppies: some pick up on the tape recorder and listen to wonderful music with their eyes closed, while others hold a red slipper in their mouth and shake their tail triumphantly! Some suck drinks with their heads up. One of the Dalmatians, wearing a pair of loving eyes with red background, scraped on the ground. Staring at the front seriously, as if supervising me. See if I've squandered the money they worked so hard to watch.

The piggy bank is not only beautiful, but also practical. Every time, when I put the money into the piggy bank, there will always be a jingle. The puppies seem to say, "Thank you for sending us" meat bones "again, but you should keep this habit and don't make us hungry! "Over time, the piggy bank has gained weight, and the puppies seem to have gained some weight, which makes me develop a good habit of thrift. Puppy, you can watch the house and manage the money. It's amazing! Piggy bank, how can we not like you when you have such a loyal apprentice? !