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Dear students:

Hello everyone! The topic of my speech today is "Change and Invariance, Wisdom Distinguish".

Some people say that people who have the courage to change the status quo are great, while others say that the most precious thing is not the courage to change the status quo, but the courage to accept the unchangeable status quo. It is a kind of wisdom to know whether the status quo can be changed or not.

If you are trapped in adversity, can you face it and have the courage to make changes?

Everyone has heard that China's "Paul" Zhang Haidi suffered from high paraplegia due to illness, and paralysis is unchangeable, but the living style of the disabled can be changed. She chose to learn acupuncture and practice medicine locally; I also know that the early days of New China were devastated, and the Communists finally stood up in the East with unremitting efforts; Not to mention the current epidemic situation, our country has successfully controlled the current epidemic situation with the courage to make the world look at each other with new eyes … Everyone admires the value of the courage of "change". If we only bow down to our own adversity, Zhang Haidi will be in a wheelchair for the rest of our life, and China will always be criticized as the "sick man of East Asia". If we adopt the collective immunization program like Britain and do not try to change it, we will not be quiet today.

I'm sure I have the courage to change adversity, and I admire the mind of accepting the unchangeable status quo.

There are thousands of disabled people in China in Qian Qian, but not everyone can become a Zhang Haidi. A considerable part of her success has benefited from her courage to accept the unchangeable status quo, so she has the mentality of forging ahead later; The epidemic situation is even more so, and the mind is commendable. Only by accepting the unchangeable moment and recognizing ourselves can we make the most accurate changes.

In the face of difficulties, courage and mind are equally important, and the wisdom of analyzing the present situation is the premise of making a correct choice.

Perhaps someone has discovered that Zhang Haidi is such a wise person, who accepts her own disability and changes her situation as a disabled person. She understands that her body can't be as convenient as ordinary people, but her life doesn't necessarily fall to the bottom because of her body, so she has the courage to change and the mind to accept, and made the most correct choice. Just like China during the epidemic period: accepting the unchangeable epidemic situation, changing the controllable future situation, responding positively, making scientific policy, relying on the wisdom and courage of countless decision makers and researchers, and ensuring comprehensive insurance for epidemic prevention, we can make steady progress towards success.

If you are in a difficult situation, you might as well think about the current situation. Please hold your wisdom, face the opportunity of success with a brave heart, and accept the past regrets with a broad mind. As healthy young people, we have excellent study and living conditions and enjoy a peaceful living environment, so we should learn the wisdom of distinguishing the present situation, bravely walk out of the comfort zone, face challenges without fear of immediate difficulties, and rewrite the life full of infinite hope.

We should know that changing and unchanging are wisdom. Distinguishing the boundaries between changeable and unchangeable, doing our best in the changeable range, and listening to destiny in the unchangeable range are the real shortcuts to success!

My speech is over, thank you!

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