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Dangdang Dang ..." The morning reading bell came as promised. A day's study and life began.

As a leading reader, I get up, lift up my English book, and prepare to enter the battlefield. I looked around and the students still did their own things. Some hang their heads on the desks and use books to cover their speeches; Some sat on the desk and cocked their legs in a daze; There are even "outlaws" who hold mineral water bottles and sing songs. Exaggerated and distorted expression makes the students around laugh, staring at each other. It's really "radish and green vegetables-each has his own love". I want to cry without tears. At this moment, the English department representatives saw that there were so many "outlaws" that they were outnumbered, and they could only take a slant and threatened to write down their names, so that the "war situation" was under control.

I always remember my mission and read it aloud. The students in the front row hunched their backs and shrugged their shoulders. When they heard my voice, they sat up stiffly, slowly pulled out books and read them sparsely. The representative of English Department is about to end the "battle". I don't know who started it. My speech sounds like a rising tide, and it gradually overshadows my reading. I can't bear it, so I have to ask the branch representative for help. She glanced at me lightly, raised the paper in her hand, and gave a sly smile. I got the message and nodded: Gao! Is really high! The students in the back row seemed to see that the "death notice" suddenly became unintelligent. While making an apology to the branch representative, they rummaged through the crumpled textbooks in the drawer and then read them as if they were going to die. See the "situation" gradually stabilized, and the branch representative nodded proudly.

A wave of unrest, a wave of rise again. The students in the front row actually rebelled in public and shouted: "Don't be afraid, brothers, there is nothing written on that paper!" "Hey, it turned out to be a useless paper tiger!" There was a triumphant laugh in the back row, which made it even more unscrupulous. Several students who are good at special performances took the opportunity to fish in troubled waters, imitating animals' cries of "quack", "giggle" and "goo goo" ... There was also a tragic howl like killing pigs in the middle, which attracted students in the front row to look back frequently. The whole classroom is noisy like a vegetable market in the morning---------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

I jumped with anger.

Deputies of the Branch are still trying to save the situation, but it still doesn't help.

"creaking------"the door opened, and the head teacher stood in the doorway sullenly. Suddenly, the situation changed suddenly, and the classroom was silent. Then, Lang Lang's reading voice rang again, and it became louder and louder ...

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