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My parents have taken me to many beautiful places since I was a child, such as Haikou, Sanya, Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Beihai, Guiyang and so on, but the most beautiful and charming place that makes me feel is Xishuangbanna.

In Xishuangbanna, I was lucky enough to participate in the water-splashing festival of Dai nationality, and the happy scene still makes me unforgettable for a long time …

I remember that day, it was a sunny morning. At 10 o'clock in the morning, the Songkran Festival was about to begin. Our family of three also changed into bright national costumes according to the Dai people's celebration rules. When I first put on Dai costumes, I heard the owner of the store laugh and point at me and say, "There are many cats! There are many cats! " What does this mean? Later, I found out that this means "handsome boy". Originally, the Dai people called handsome boys "cats more miles" and beautiful girls "a little more miles", which is really interesting!

The activity is about to start. Tourists from all directions are surrounded by a large pool with Dai girls and boys. Everyone holds a small plastic basin in their hands. When the host shouts "water, water, water" and the third "water", each of us scoops up water with a small basin and throws it into the sky together. In the sound of gongs and drums, happy water drops from the sky. At that moment, everyone, But no one stopped, everyone threw water on me, and I threw it on you, as if everyone had returned to childhood at this moment, and was engaged in a fierce water war. I believe that only throwing water here has become a sacred activity. You should know that at home, my mother always needs to play with a squirt gun.

The fierce battle in the water made us have a good time. We went back to the quiet Dai building to have a rest. It was time for dinner. The hospitable Dai family introduced us to taste the famous grilled fish with Dai flavor. This grilled fish is different from the grilled fish here. Their barbecue is wrapped in something like lotus leaves. The ingredients of the barbecue are all local flavors. That taste is really amazing! I remember when we ate a lot of local wild vegetables. By the way, I also tasted authentic bamboo rice! At the moment of splitting the bamboo tube, a fragrance of nature came to the nose, and the soft glutinous rice had a sweet taste in the mouth ...

If someone asks me where the barbecue is the best, I will not hesitate to tell him that the barbecue in Xishuangbanna is the best; If someone wants to ask me which place is the most fun, I will tell him without thinking that the Songkran Festival in Xishuangbanna is the most fun; If someone asks me which place is the most beautiful, I will tell him loudly that Xishuangbanna is the most beautiful.

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