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When the first flag-raising ceremony of the xxxx year was solemnly held in Tiananmen Square, the bright five-star red flag-the flag representing victory rose slowly, fluttering in the wind in the vast sky, waving with the wind, full of morning light, standing The ancient country in the East is rapidly rising.

Recalling the past

Let's look at the tragic years of the past, how unfair it was. The two unjust Opium Wars had such a huge impact on China. How many unequal treaties were signed, how much land they occupied, and how many Chinese people were persecuted! The "Lugou Incident on July 7th" in 1937 was tragic. The Nanjing Massacre"...It is heartbreaking for the backward China to be humiliated, and the similar history of China makes thousands of people heartache. The heavy memory is deeply engraved in the humiliation history of the motherland in modern times. It is all written with the blood and tears of the Chinese. After all, history will be history, but the painful experience, how painful! This history is an indelible pain in the hearts of all Chinese people!

Look at China's current prosperity

History is still in mind. This humiliation has made many generations of Chinese people unfair. Therefore, with the support of their wholehearted belief in serving the motherland, China has its current glory! China has sent several generations of members of the "Shenzhou" family into the vast space. Chinese imprints left in the universe. When we see the five-star red flag flying in the universe in the ultra-clear picture, we can finally face people all over the world proudly, shouting to them: "China, not the weak." The economic level is getting better and better, and the overall national strength continues. The promotion has once again allowed China to display the long-standing Chinese culture of my country as a master. In the 2008 Olympic Games in the capital, China once again updated its history. The outstanding achievements of the athletes, the high quality of the Chinese people, and the number of medals are far ahead. China refutes the whole world with clamoring facts: "The Chinese are not the sick man of East Asia." Today, China is constantly refreshing the annals of history with advanced technology, and constantly showing to people all over the world: "China is strong!"

Dear motherland, I wish you a happy 60th birthday! We have grown up in your warm embrace to this day, and what we live in is the endless "Chinese blood", yellow skin, black hair, which will always belong to us as a real Chinese. proud. Thousands of words can't express our love to you. China must be great when young people are strong. As a new generation, we will use the fruits of our hard work to make Chinese mothers more brilliant. In the next 60 years, the motherland will be better.

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