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虽然是服务业,虽然是为别人服务,虽然没有我们想的那样好,但我们还是喜欢这个专业性。因为在学习的过程中,我们从书本上“见”到了祖国的大好山川和自然美景,这些都深深地吸引了我,也震撼了我的心灵;我们在书本上“遇”到了各种在职业中可能碰到的问题,我们学会了该怎样去面对,我们学会 了该怎样处理人与人之间的关系,我们也学会了怎样才能为别人服务好;我们也在书本上感受到了为别人服务也是一种幸福,感受到了旅游给我们带来的影响。所以,我们并不后悔,我们还是深深地热爱着这个专业。


虽然是服务业,虽然是为别人服务,虽然没有我们想的那样好,但我们还是喜欢这个专业。因为“三百六十行,行行出状元”,只要播下辛勤的汗水,就会有丰厚的收获;只要我们用心去为别人服务,真诚地对待每一个人,相信自己会有好的回 报。所以,我们并不气馁,我们怀着对职业的向往,更加努力的搞好专业学习。







The blooming season, the beautiful and splendid season; the dream-catching mood, the mysterious and romantic mood. --Inscription

As time goes by, I hear the sound of flowers blooming. Suddenly, I was shocked, and it turned out that this season is the season of flowers. At the age of sixteen or seven, we yearn for career and society

Yes, the dream of success. Because of this dream, we chose this vocational school-xx Vocational Education Center.

With the pursuit of a career and a yearning for life, among many majors, I chose the service industry-tourism. Maybe we in this blooming season just want to achieve self-transcendence and enjoyment, want to travel all over the world, want to play all over the world. However, the tourism major is not what we think. After studying tourism, you can go everywhere and go wherever you like. On the contrary, we are serving tourism.

Although it is a service industry, although it is to serve others, although it is not as good as we think, we still like this professionalism. Because in the process of learning, we “see” the great mountains and natural beauty of the motherland from the books, which deeply attracted me and shocked my soul; we “encountered” all kinds of things in the books. We have learned how to deal with the problems that may be encountered in the profession, we have learned how to deal with the relationship between people, and we have also learned how to serve others well; we have also felt in the books. Other people's service is also a kind of happiness, and I feel the impact of tourism on us. Therefore, we do not regret it, we still love this profession deeply.

Although it is a service industry, although it is to serve others, although it is not as good as we thought, we still like this profession. Because "serving the people" is the core of professional ethics. We are going to be engaged in a profession, of course, professional ethics cannot be lacking. If everyone does not serve the people, what is the use and significance of our future careers. Therefore, we are not disgusted, we can understand, we can also experience.

Although it is a service industry, although it is to serve others, although it is not as good as we thought, we still like this profession. Because of the "three hundred and sixty lines, the best in the line", as long as we sow hard sweat, we will have rich harvests; as long as we serve others with our heart, treat everyone sincerely, and believe that we will have good returns . Therefore, we are not discouraged. With a yearning for a career, we work harder to do professional studies.

Because of these, we deeply love our profession. Perhaps, we are likely to be employed three years later, but after all, we have a skill.

If you choose the path you choose, you have to go down bravely and firmly. Although there are sometimes storms, the sun will still reappear after the storm.

Now that I have chosen the tourism industry, I will study hard and give myself the wings of hope.

We are bathed in the sunshine of the blooming season; we have the mood of pursuing a better life; we are yearning for the dream of going to career, society, and success. We are convinced that our future is not a dream.

In the blooming season of dreaming, we, sixteen or seven years old, are full of love dream boats, sailing to the bright place. When the flowers bloom, when the dream begins, the road to the future is under our feet.