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If it weren’t for the night in Tianjin that was too deep, the wind was too big, the passers-by were too rushed and no one could see the faces of others, I would not choose to let tears fall from the corner of my eyes; if the music was too beautiful and the story was too sad, I Nor would he suddenly call his mother who was far away in the southern country with the almost choking voice. I just said "Mom, I haven't spoken to you for a long time. Greetings." I couldn't say that I watched a movie called "The Thief of Time" and was touched by that sensitive nerve in my heart and missed her and father.

The years like a knife are destined to engrave marks on everyone's face, and sometimes even leave incurable wounds in the heart. The separation of joys and sorrows is originally the content of life, and no one can hide. After the wind and rain, what is hidden in the mess is sometimes calm and calm. This kind of life is not exciting but it is the truth that most people can have. "The Thief of the Years" tells the stories of ordinary people, such as clear spring water flowing through our hearts, sorrow, happiness, helplessness and hope are all in it.

I no longer want to use "feelings" to describe such a film that is seriously made and full of nostalgia for the past. Anyway, depression is feelings, loneliness is feelings, and nostalgia is also feelings. So yellowed shots, melodious and emotional music, and the laughter of running and chasing children in the streets of Hong Kong civilian life in the 1960s is also a kind of sentiment, but the word "sentiment" is too much to say, it really seems too cliché He also accidentally revealed the impoverishment of his own language.

The style of the old Hong Kong, coupled with the same nostalgic music, actually gives people a feeling of a world away, lost in the light and shadow like a dream. The greatest comfort of the film is that it is not hypocritical and has no sensational commercial scent. It only tells the story of ordinary people in that specific era. The posture is very low, but the intention is high. It has moving power in the ordinary. The movie is about Hong Kong. Although the social characteristics of the time were different from those of the Mainland, the essence of life of ordinary people was the same. They were all firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, which could touch the feelings of many people. Although the plot of this meticulously crafted movie is still a bit clichéd, the love between a poor second-generation man and a rich second-generation woman, a terminally ill male protagonist who is bound to die at the end, a hard life but an optimistic common people facing reality , The melodious music that always sets off the poignant atmosphere, no one can avoid the vulgar, but this does not prevent the lay people who watch movies from being moved. Love and family affection, the ups and downs of the ordinary and cruel real life, such elements as long as they are properly combined and placed in any era are the most touching ones. Look at the movies and TVs that are full of screens and screens. Which one can escape these It's cliché, even Tang Seng and Monkey King have to talk vigorously about love with people and demons. As director Luo Qirui and screenwriter Zhang Wanting, the gold medal combination is most commendable for bringing the fighting spirit of the people of Hong Kong in the 1960s into the story. Life is miserable, but like Luo Tai said, "Being a person, you must believe , Always believe", as Ye Qianwen and Du Dewei sang "Believe in the world is always beautiful."

The ingenuity of "The Thief of Time" is to see the truth in the ordinary and hide the sadness in the joy. The first half of the film focuses on the usual but not unhappy life among the small people in the family and neighborhood who arrive in Hong Kong. The wisdom and humor of life are everywhere in the shortcomings of family life, which adds a lot of fun to the viewer. And a sudden typhoon has become a watershed between the two basic tones of the film’s happiness and sadness. It also indicates that the storms of life will gradually hit. As expected, the lover has gone away from another country, the eldest son is terminally ill, the husband is overworked, and the younger son is here. Gradually grow up with years of hard work. The so-called "half hard" and half good" life is the same for everyone. Everyone must experience it. No one has ever been happy for a lifetime, and no one has suffered a lifetime. Some things are always lost and some things come back.

For those who have experienced hardship, life has always been "difficult and good" accompanied by sadness and joy. Especially for the lower-level people, the requirements are never high, and the greatest relief is to seek peace in one room and win the harmony of the wife and son. But this most common requirement is not something that everyone can meet. It is because the years are ruthless and life is unpredictable. The joys and sorrows, the ups and downs, and the ups and downs are what everyone needs to face. Living has never been a simple matter. When you are small, you can't bear to starve, and when you grow up, you can feed your family. Today, when the material is rich but the pressure of life is increasing, everyone needs to work hard, just for one. A warm home and a promising future, exchanging the past years for an experience and feeling have become all of life. There are some things that we haven't experienced yet, but some things are already in front of our eyes, and some things are already deeply engraved in our hearts. It is the years that have been stolen, but these memories are not stolen. Of course there is hope.

The theme of the film is about life and life. As Wu Junru said in the film, "One side is difficult, while the other is good", "People must have faith in life." Although years can ruthlessly steal some of the important things in our lives, they can't take away our most important thing, which is faith, the faith that we live on, and the longing for a better life in the future. The beginning of the film also symbolically depicts time's theft of our lives through the hands of my brother. Unconsciously, we may have lost those things that are important to us. However, youth can pass away, face can grow old, relatives will eventually leave, and friends will disappear, but our beautiful yearning for life, supported by our warm emotions, will never change. Just like the two rainbows mentioned in the film, and as the English name of this film shows, the rainbow is like a kind of beautiful yearning for the future. Whether you have seen it before, you know its existence, it is Beautiful, that's enough. The appearance of two rainbows at the end of the movie also gave our audience a faint smile.

The performances of Wu Junru and Ren Dahua are naturally not a problem. The years of tempering have carved traces of charm on the slightly old faces of the two. The natural performance has also become a key factor that touches people's hearts. The outstanding performance of Zhong Shaotu, the actor who is very robbing of the drama, is even more amazing. Of course, the performance of a veteran who is willing to be a green leaf is also very exciting, all of which have played an important role in the success of this film.

The whole film is based on fresh and soothing, sometimes yellowish colors, giving people nostalgia; sometimes bright colors, giving people visual ease, whether it is photography or props, it is very delicate and careful , Full of literary taste. It must be said that the successful music of this film is even more important. The film was full of nostalgic music at the beginning, the crisp rhythm of "I Wanna BeFree" that appeared several times, the melodious melody of the song "Years and Frosty" written by Luo Jinyi in the tape recorder at the funeral, etc., made the whole film laugh. There are tears, vivid and colorful.

"The Thief of the Years" is a microcosm of the life of the little people in Hong Kong in the 1960s and 1970s, but the atmosphere of ordinary people and the fighting spirit of the people at the bottom are of universal significance. Every city and village has had or This kind of tragicomedy is being staged, and the ten years in the film are a portrayal of many people's lives. Time is invincible, but people who have gone through the hardships of life can also become strong and calm. It is years that can steal life, but we can only hold life.

It is precisely: the separation of joys and sorrows is the original taste; after the wind and rain, the true meaning of life will be known.

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