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In order to further create a strong social atmosphere of loving and helping the elderly, vigorously promote the Chinese nation’s traditional virtues of respecting and respecting the elderly, and actively responding to the call of the "Respect for the Aged Month" activity, our national "filial piety and respect for the elderly" image ambassador has issued respect for the elderly to people from all walks of life across the country Love the old initiative:

1. Respect your parents and elders, and show filial piety. To understand the difficulties of the elders, be grateful for their hard work in their lives, and do their best to be filial to the elders. I often go home to visit my parents, give the elderly a well-prepared gift, chat with the elderly and do housework. Always call and greet the elders, so that the elders can feel the love and warmth from the younger generation, be filial children, and carry forward and carry forward the five thousand years of filial piety and respect for the elderly.

2. Take care of the elderly around you and do a practical thing. Respect and respect the elderly around him, and enthusiastically solve practical difficulties for the elderly. We must treat the elderly around us with the hearts of our children and respect their labor achievements and hard work. The old and the old, caring and greeting more, and when the elderly around you need help, you should extend a helping hand in time, and take practical actions to show the spirit and style of the contemporary people.

3. Carry out service for the elderly and offer a true love. Be grateful and actively participate in serving the old volunteers. Actively help widows, widows, poverty, disabled, elderly and empty-nest elderly with life care, mental comfort and other issues. Go deep into nursing homes, elderly apartments, and elderly families to help the elderly organize their housework, boil water, and cook, and do their best to give love to the elderly, so that the elderly can really feel the warmth from the society, and take practical actions to create love and help the elderly Social atmosphere.

Virtue is the foundation of man, and filial piety is the first. Caring for the elderly today means caring for ourselves tomorrow. A happy and harmonious society requires all of us to operate together. Let us join hands to infect everyone around us with practical actions, sincerely respect and help the elderly, with a sincere heart, repay the parents who raised us and the elderly in the whole society.

I wish all the elderly in the world good health and happy life!

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