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Resident friends:

Autumn and winter are the seasons for the high incidence of many infectious diseases, especially respiratory infectious diseases. However, the prevention and control of key infectious diseases such as plague and new crown pneumonia is still arduous. It is necessary to persist in epidemic prevention and control. In order to continuously improve the national awareness of disease prevention and reduce the incidence of disease, we have issued suggestions to the majority of residents:

1. Actively advocate a civilized, healthy, green and environmentally friendly life philosophy, develop good hygiene habits and healthy lifestyles, achieve a regular diet, a regular daily life, a combination of activity and static, a peaceful mind, and regular participation in sports to improve self-immunity.

2. Everyone is responsible for preventing and controlling the epidemic. It is necessary to establish awareness of prevention and control, learn and publicize prevention and control knowledge, and vigorously improve self-protection awareness and disease prevention capabilities. Minimize gatherings and gatherings, and advocate a split meal system and public chopsticks and spoons. Do not go to epidemic areas, do not touch wild animals, and do not buy or eat wild animals to minimize the risk of infection.

3. Strengthen the family's personal self-health monitoring and reporting awareness, pay attention to cold and warm, add or remove clothing at any time to avoid cold, if you have fever, fatigue, dry cough and other respiratory tract infection symptoms, please go to the nearest designated medical institution for fever clinics.

4. Influenza, new crown pneumonia and other viruses are mainly transmitted by air droplets. Wearing a mask in public areas is an effective way to block the spread of the virus. It is advocating to wear masks scientifically, not spitting anywhere, and cover with tissues when coughing or sneezing. Keep your nose and mouth shut, and don't give the virus a chance.

5. When entering the farmer's market and shopping malls and supermarkets, wear a mask, pay attention to maintaining social distancing, reduce contact with frequently contacted parts such as seats, door handles, and escalators in public areas, reduce stay time, and strictly prevent crowds.

6. Those who come to the flag from overseas and domestic medium and high-risk areas shall proactively declare their travel history within 14 days to the unit and the community, and conduct the inspection and isolation of the personnel as soon as possible to strictly prevent the import of the epidemic.

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