Unwinding is beneficial

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发表时间:2020-11-21 12:00

The book is the ladder of human progress. As the saying goes, read well, read well, read well. As long as you appropriately choose useful books to read, you can increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons. So it is beneficial to open the book.

What do we read every day? Books. When we encounter something we don't understand, what should we use? It is a book. What is it that gives us endless knowledge and endless happiness? It is a book. Therefore, the book is like a teacher who can't open his mouth, but also a great man who imparts knowledge, and is the key to our success.

It is precisely because of reading that I have made great progress. I used to be lazy and sloppy, always procrastinating, and I would become nervous at the last critical moment, and then hurriedly sloppy. Since I read a few articles about time and life, I have been greatly inspired. I understand that you should cherish time, work hard when you are young, and don’t sigh until you are old. I understand that the future of horse riding requires hard work. Xuelong Zhongxu sighed. Since then, I have been more refreshed in doing things, and I am no longer daunting.

Reading not only makes me make great progress, but also makes me more motivated. Reading a book about how successful world-renowned successful people achieved success inspired me: Life is like a small boat in a long river of time. The old man of time gave us the same sails and the same oars. We must brave the wind and waves. , Will achieve something. As the saying goes, when you meet on a narrow road, the brave wins. In the face of difficulties, retreating is equivalent to surrendering. Even if you are overcome by difficulties after the fierce battle, you still win. In the end, what you win is the experience of failure. In fact, this time of failure is a step towards success!

Some people say that reading books also has bad effects. I think this is just a matter of readers' mentality.

Let me give you an example: "A Dream of Red Mansions" is one of the four most famous works in our country. People with different mentalities will have different influences when they read it. Some people will be affected by the content of the book when they read it. Because of the tragic plot of the story, the readers themselves are depressed and emotional; on the contrary, some people are just happy to appreciate the essence of Chinese famous books, or collect Get some good words and sentences, and learn about Chinese history and culture. Therefore, if reading is to be positively affected, the key is to choose books with healthy content and pay attention to the mentality of reading.

Look! Unbooking is beneficial! It enables me to understand many truths in life and move towards success; it is like a lamp that lights up our life. Reading more is always beneficial.

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