Xinhai Revolution

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发表时间:2020-11-21 16:41

The lights on the set have been turned on again, and the film "The Revolution of 1911" has ended, but the billowing gunpowder and the impassioned words still haunt me.

In the unforgettable play, Mr. Sun Yat-sen said, "It is easy to go to death on the front line, but it is difficult to wake up the living". What kind of helplessness is revealed in the tone! What is the harm of blood and sacrifice, and what is there to fear, but I am afraid that these are just In vain. Death is not a lack of fear, nor is it a pity, but sacrifice is always worthwhile to achieve a certain goal. But China at that time was already corrupt, and the Qing court followed the old fashioned style and whitewashed bluffs; the people were ignorant and blindly obedient, and stubbornly stole their lives. Such a country must be transformed by someone!

On the battlefield, blood flowed into rivers, gun smoke filled, countless people shuttled in the rain of guns and bullets. They had no complaints or regrets. They only hope to exchange their lives for the people’s sobriety and the country’s prosperity! That way, China is a sleeping lion, but it has been asleep for too long, now it’s time to wake up, it’s time to clean up the old mountains and rivers! That kind of era of disdain for other nations, lighter than foreigners, and let go It's finally over! So, the Revolution of 1911 kicked off.

The smoke of war has spread everywhere. Countless people fell in a pool of blood. They fell, but behind them, countless people stood up, and countless people followed suit. Some of them are well-off families, some are newlyweds, and some are fathers, but in the face of the responsibilities on their shoulders, they resolutely abandon their families and children, and bravely provoked!

But let them give up their little family and take care of everyone, besides responsibilities, they also have faith!

Faith makes them forget their lives, faith makes them desperate, faith makes them fearless, faith makes them go forward!

This is faith!

At home, the Revolutionaries risked their lives to march, and the overseas Chinese did not stop fighting. They also love their country and have a patriotic heart, so they are also fighting a war without gunpowder. . In the struggle to overthrow the Qing dynasty, the revolutionaries have launched ten armed uprisings, failed many times, and have been able to re-start many times. The massive economic support of overseas Chinese is indeed one of the most important factors. Regarding the tremendous role played by overseas Chinese in the revolutionary struggle to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, Mr. Sun Yat-sen once used this sentence to express his infinite gratitude to overseas Chinese: Overseas Chinese are the mother of revolution.

The Chinese people at home and abroad are all united together. How can the Revolution of 1911 be unsuccessful? How can Xiangning think that "The Revolution of 1911 is a great victory. It destroyed the monarchy system that has existed for more than two thousand years. The seeds of the idea of a democratic republic were spread among the people, and the new development of the Chinese people's revolutionary struggle was promoted." However, the Revolution of 1911 succeeded and failed at the same time. The fruits of victory gained by countless revolutionary martyrs with their lives were stolen by the commander of Beiyang warlord Yuan Shikai. Even Sun Yat-sen said in his will that "the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard." Thus, a new round of struggle has begun...

But no matter how glorious or unbearable the past is, history is finally over. In the new 21st century, it depends on how our generation will counterattack and let China stand before the world powers!

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