Chaoyang Water Dream

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发表时间:2020-11-21 20:59

The sun rises like fire

The sun, fiery with its own abilities, sprays the first rays of the morning to the earth. This fire-like sunrise tells me that no one can dwell in the past and always regret complaining that "Why is it like this?" In this way your life will be as dark as the sun rises as this fire tells me right. He explores the unknown world and asks "Why isn't it like this?" Chaoyang told me that the reason for the passing was to encourage people to run forward.

The morning sun is like fire and dreams are like flowers. In the shining sun we should not bloom. But blossom bravely


Time is always a slow stream "The dead are like their husbands, and don't give up day and night." We just make our heads whiter. "The skies held thousands of miles away, and the autumn was clear, and the water flowed with the sky until the endless autumn." To be sad or happy The running water tells us that time has passed. Running water also brings dreams that will open up the future, be it hardships or beauty. Every time we cross the valley, flow through the plains and descend near the abyss, it signals us to pursue the future and continue exploring. Even if it's deep valleys and cliffs, though it's the wind and the bitter rain. But why is the water flowing, always afraid, still, hesitating? Our dream road should be like water flowing east to east, never giving up.

The flow of water and the passage of time reminds us that we should spend our limited lives pursuing our never-ending dreams.

Dream like the wind

Dreams are like the wind blowing our hearts all the time. The process of chasing the dream was difficult, we stepped forward like Dai Wangshu, quietly in the rain alley, hoping to find the scent of cloves. In this wind, we should have Sima Qian's patience, and to have Bernard Shaw's questioning spirit, we need Shi Tiesheng's strong determination.

The dream was like the wind that blew through my heart, forcing me to chase before the fragrance of that clove. I never stop and will never stop wondering, wondering, I know, just keep moving forward to be the teenagers who are chasing.

The sun is like fire, giving me motivation and courage.

The water quickly brushed off my doubts and confusion.

Dreams are like the wind blowing the skirt of my dreams, stepping forward for the scent of lilacs.

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