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Dear teachers, dear students:

There is rubbish where there are people. Every one of us throws a lot of rubbish every day. They are usually sent to the dump first and then to the landfill. However, the cost of landfill is quite high, and the cost of treating one ton of garbage is about RMB 200 to 300 yuan.

Maybe we can't stop the generation of garbage, but we can reduce the harm of garbage to the environment and life, and the implementation of garbage classification, recovery and treatment can turn harm into benefit and waste into treasure. For example, for every ton of waste paper recovered, 850 kg of paper can be produced, and 3 cubic meters of wood can be saved, which reduces pollution by 74% compared with equivalent production. This can save resources and keep the environment clean and tidy.

Our school also produces a lot of garbage every day, mainly waste paper and beverage bottles. These are recyclable wastes, but they are not properly classified and recycled, resulting in a certain amount of waste. Hereby, I issue the initiative of "garbage sorting, starting from me":

1. Each class is provided with two garbage bins, one for non-recyclable garbage and the other for recyclable garbage, so as to be recycled.

Second, everyone develops the habit of not littering conveniently, and classifies and recycles waste paper, plastic bottles, cans, etc., and makes records in the class, and the results serve as one of the appraisal basis for civilized classes.

Third, when throwing garbage, it is necessary to see clearly the categories of garbage bins and deliver them accurately. Students on duty are set up in each class to preach relevant knowledge to students when garbage delivery is concentrated.

Four, try to use less disposable products, less plastic bags, less garbage, especially not easy to decompose and toxic harmful waste.

Five, seriously study environmental protection knowledge, enhance the awareness of garbage classification, establish the concept of environmental ethics, develop good environmental behavior habits, and resolutely stop the behavior that harms the campus environment.

In order to better protect the earth's environment on which we live, please let us act immediately! Starting from the correct classification and garbage disposal, we can make our school cleaner and more beautiful, and make our campus life better!

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