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妈妈用仁慈的笑容对我说:“小孩,把这喝过再走,让你提提神,考个优异成绩,啊?”但我还是装出不情愿的模样:“如何早晨也喝这‘药’ 啊,这并不进攻犯规吗?帮我天赋加点糖,这才公平公正!”“这牛奶不加糖补钙补锌实际效果会更好的,并且有利于身心健康。我虽没学历,广告宣传我还是常看的呢?”



Facing the senior high school entrance examination, the teachers let us relax and no longer put pressure on us, but the parents became nervous again. Parents buy some nutrients for their children, especially those that nourish brain and calcium are favored by them. This kind of thing has almost become an unwritten rule. In order to follow this rule and to let me get good grades in the exam, my mother specially prepared some for me. The most indispensable is high-calcium milk.

It is said that good medicine is bitter, but I think this milk is worse than medicine, but my mother's order cannot be violated. Every night at 9:30, the door of my room will be knocked on time. Don't doubt, it must be time to drink the "medicine". Mom brought the milk in front of me with that skillful posture. I frowned and took a sip, "Hey--" I was about to throw up, but my mother's eyes stopped again. "Why didn't you add sugar, can't you pity me for adding a little less?" I said aggrievedly, but my mother completely ignored my suffering.

Every day I have to drink a whole glass of milk until my mother allows me to sleep. During that month, I had several nightmares, in which many people forced me to drink sugar-free milk.

Really! Of course, I won't tell mom. Why do you still need to say? Last night, I already said goodbye to the milk, because the exam is starting this morning, great! But everything is not what I thought. I had just sorted out the test tools and was about to go downstairs when a figure I couldn't be more familiar with floated towards me. I want to turn around and walk around, looking at my mother's trembling hands with a glass of milk, and looking at her hard-working figure, forget it, let me die!

My mother said to me with a loving smile: "Child, drink this before leaving. I will refresh you and get a good result in the test, huh?" But I still pretended to be reluctant: "Why drink this medicine in the morning? 'Ah, isn't this illegal? Give me some sugar, it's fair!" "This milk will have better calcium supplementation without sugar, and it will be beneficial to health. Although I am not literate, I still often see advertisements?"

After listening to my mother's words, I was even more moved and drank this cup of sugar-free milk in one breath. Although it was astringent and still had a fishy smell, I felt the sweetest and most delicious drink this time. The "sugar" my mother added was sweeter than any sugar!



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