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在高三复习的紧要关口,请善待这份“希望与寄托”,当疲惫袭扰、徘徊犹豫、停滞不前时,及时把我们的“高三寄语”拿出来“看一看、读一读”,从中汲取精神营养和动力,激励自己自信、自立、自律、自强,奋战高考、勇创佳绩、无怨无悔 时间的流逝是那样的悄然无息,我们不知不觉在青春的校园中接受了冬秋的洗礼。青春的欢歌笑语与年少的烦恼无奈编织成了这段如诗的旅程。旅程中,虽偶有心酸与疲惫,但都在青春的且歌且行中成为锤炼成长的动力!


Now, we are welcoming a tense moment of college entrance examination review. We are full of ambition and passion! The confident learning atmosphere makes us no longer wandering, and the spirit of self-improvement has inspired our infinite potential. The sun has further surpassed us. The heat of struggle that has never been lost in life.

In terms of learning, we have never been so fulfilled today. Sprinting for the college entrance examination, time does not wait! In front of us, although the college entrance examination seems very strong and unsatisfactory, we are not afraid of the college entrance examination at all. Because of the continuous and focused study, we have the bargaining chip for the college entrance examination today!

Facing the college entrance examination, we still need to be confident, and we will persist as always, so that learning is always full of motivation and efficiency, until the final conquest of the college entrance examination. Even with eighteen bends on the mountain road, we are still persistent and never give up. Perhaps setbacks are inevitable, but we will never shrink from setbacks. We will let setbacks become the ladder of progress and success in life.

Father's gray hair, mother's wrinkles, teacher's painstaking efforts, friend's encouragement, those eagerly anticipating eyes, and the tired figure of running around are the constant motivation for us to study hard and forge ahead!

Under the sun, the road ahead is still extending endlessly. With hope and perseverance, we move forward firmly. We firmly believe that persistent pursuit and unremitting efforts will surely grasp our own destiny in the final sprint, make years of expectations and dreams become reality, and turn the ugly duckling in life into a beautiful and lovely white swan!

At the critical juncture of senior year review, please be kind to this "hope and sustenance". When tired, hesitating, or stagnating, please take out our "Messages from Senior High School" in time to "take a look and read" from it. Absorb spiritual nutrition and motivation, inspire self-confidence, self-reliance, self-discipline, self-improvement, fight for the college entrance examination, bravely achieve success, no regrets. The passage of time is so quiet and quiet, we unknowingly accept the winter and autumn in the youthful campus Baptism. The joy and laughter of youth and the troubles of youth helplessly weave this poetic journey. During the journey, although there are occasional sadness and exhaustion, they have become the driving force for tempering and growing in the youth and singing and doing!

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