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There have been many firsts in my life, but nothing impressed me more than that when I went back to school to wash the dishes, because that night our house came to our house and used a lot of bowls, every time it was grandma washing, so I planned to give it to grandma at night. A surprise: I'll do the dishes!

My grandmother was very happy when she heard about my "surprise". She brought me dishwashing liquid, tableware and other utensils, and gave me a demonstration and asked me to wash it like her.

This time I’m going to do it myself. Washing chopsticks is very simple at first, and washing dishes is also very simple, because just squeeze out the detergent, wipe the stains, and then rinse them with water. When I was about to think that I was done, I found that the dishes were not easy to wash. The plate is already very heavy, but adding water makes it even heavier. The dish filled with detergent is like a slippery little loach in my hand. Not only was I sweating profusely, but I almost took the plate. Shattered. At this time, my grandma came and saw me in a hurry, she patiently taught me the essentials of washing dishes, and asked me to follow suit.

Finally, every plate and bowl were cleaned by me. They were very translucent, like little white dolls. I was very happy!

As the saying goes: How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? The trivial matter of washing dishes let me know that it is not easy for parents. In the future, I will try to help my family share the burden and become a "powerful assistant"!

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