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On a moonless night, the fireflies were walking on their way home. Suddenly, it saw a little mouse lost its way, groping staggeringly in the boundless darkness, tripped by the grass from time to time, and his nose was bruised and swollen. When the firefly saw it, he hurried home, took out a piece of petal paper, and wrote on it: I have light to rent, a biscuit every time.

The next morning, the firefly stuck the petals on the big tree and built a small wooden house on the branch next to it. During the day, the firefly lives in it; at night, when the moon is not shining, it flies out to find its customers.

It was another night, and there was still no moon. A little can't find his way home! At this moment, the little rabbit saw the petals with the light of fireflies shining on them: "Guangming Rental!" This is exactly what she needs!

"Is there anyone? I want to rent Guangming!" Xiaotu shouted anxiously.

"Okay! Let's go!" Firefly said happily. At this moment, Firefly felt that he was so important for the first time.

So, the firefly lights up the lamp and goes on the road with Xiao Mian. With the light shining, the little rabbit returned home quickly. Xiao Mian bounced into the house, quickly took a biscuit, put a thick layer of cream on it, and handed it to the firefly.

Then, many animals came to rent the light, but the fireflies always felt weird in their hearts. What's wrong? Until one day, the firefly told the little rabbit. The little rabbit smiled and said to it: "In fact, helping other talents is the most important thing! And rewards are secondary!"

Firefly understood everything instantly, and immediately changed the sign to: "Free Rental Bright".

On every moonless night, the light that fireflies bring to everyone warms the hearts of the animals that come back late.

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