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"It's raining, it's raining!", I said happily. Because it rains my favorite.

The little flower is so beautiful. Its petals are stained with transparent drops of water. The drops are like a little baby who was just born waiting for her mother in snow-white clothes. The grass is so tender and green. Pieces of grass are connected together, and the dense drops of water are like threads connecting them. Brother Tree stood upright like a soldier, as if there was a princess in the woods talking with the prince, and they were guarding and protecting the safety of the princess and the prince. Pedestrians on the road are holding umbrellas, no, they are beautiful mushrooms, and one umbrella is piled on the road, like clusters of mushrooms, a lively scene.

The rain stopped, I opened the window, and a fresh scent floated in from my window. I was smelling the scent, and suddenly a colorful "ribbon" appeared in the sky. In fact, it was a beautiful rainbow. I seem to see Rainbow smiling at me, as if saying: "Hello, I am glad to meet you, I will give you all the colorful happiness in me." I closed my eyes and felt happiness. Red stands for prosperity, blue stands for concerted efforts, and green stands for hope and health...

When I opened my eyes, the rainbow was gone. However, I know where the rainbow has gone. It has gone to my heart and helped me find happiness. I want to say to Rainbow: "Thank you, Rainbow, and I wish you happy every day, I will always remember you."

I hope I can see the rainbow next time, and hope that the rainbow can bring happiness to classmates, teachers and parents.

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