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What exactly is taste? Is there a difference between good and bad taste? Does everyone have an unforgettable taste? In fact, taste is the feelings and thoughts of things we encounter in our daily lives, some of which are particularly memorable. Unforgettable.

Recalling that in the summer vacation of my fourth grade, when I went to swim in the swimming pool for the first time, I was very afraid of water. I was afraid that if I accidentally fell into the bottom of the pool, I couldn’t breathe. I was also afraid that my classmates would push me playfully. I got into the water, but since the coach carefully guided me one by one, not only did my swimming skills get better and better, but I also became less afraid of the water, and learned many superb skills. Although I fell into the water all the time during the learning process, but During the learning process, there is a famous saying that reminds me from time to time: "Learning is like sailing against the current. If you do not advance, you will retreat."

So we can't give up lightly. No matter if we encounter a bottleneck in learning, we still have to work hard to break through it. Even if we fail, we still have to stand up and continue working hard to taste the sweet fruits. When I am learning As long as you learn a swimming technique, you will jump up and down in the water, and you will swim with excitement. With a free and unrestrained look, your mood will suddenly become refreshed.

Presumably this should be the most unforgettable taste in my life! When everyone is doing something, there will be many unforgettable tastes. The taste may bring infinite memories, and the taste may make a person feel sad. And completely desperate, but as long as we can grasp every minute and every second, we can taste the sweet fruit in the unforgettable taste!

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