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Move China, thank you and me. The inheritance of love never ends, and it moves forward with gratitude and never stops.

The annual "Moving Chinese Characters Award Ceremony" was held, and I was moved and moved by these characters time and time again.

It has been more than ten years since the spring moon of 20__, and I have been watching the "Moving Chinese Characters Award Ceremony" every year, carefully listening to those touching stories, and carefully savoring every award speech; Years, the "Moving Chinese Character Award Ceremony" every year has become the most important link and story in my life, and has become the most important catalyst and impetus in my progress.

Thank you very much for the "Moving Chinese Character Selection and Award Ceremony" brought by CCTV. This is a good program that makes people feel touched, look up to the lofty, cultivate sentiment, cultivate spirit, and shape the soul. As soon as I found him, I regarded him as a good show that nourishes my soul, softens my feelings, cultivates and maintains a heart that can be moved; in fact, this idea of mine is watching the "Moving Chinese Characters Award" every year. Ceremony" can be realized.

To this day, I still remember that the "Moving Chinese Characters Award Ceremony" in 20__ is still in progress, and I wrote "Moving China in the 20__ Yearly Selection of Characters" in the process of moving. I recorded my feelings about Li Guilin, a teacher of the Yi nationality from Daliang Mountain, Sichuan. , Lu Jianfen and his wife have been moved by Tianti Primary School for 18 years.

Every time I watch the "Moving Chinese Characters Award Ceremony", it is a moment for my soul to be baptized and sublimated. I know very well: these characters who moved China have a lofty and great soul in each of them, and they all have a kind of letting Each of us feels the spiritual power that shakes our hearts; these noble souls are beyond the reach of ordinary people, and they are also beyond my lifetime; as a great man once said: "It is not difficult for a person to do good things. Is to do good deeds for a lifetime." Take a closer look at the "good people" in the "Moving Chinese Characters Awards Ceremony" in 20__. That is not a good person and good deeds for more than ten years or decades-the caring mother Tao Yanbo who has accompanied his deaf and mute son to study for sixteen years, help" My buddies from Longhai Courtyard, who was thirty-nine years old, donated silently, Zhang Jiqing, who never left her real name, and Zhu Xiaohui, a filial daughter who took care of his paralyzed father for more than ten years.

Every time I watch the "Moving Chinese Characters Award Ceremony", it is a good time for my heart and feelings to be further softened, stimulated, nurtured and improved; these stories of Chinese characters make my heart more gentle and warm. Can be moved and influenced more. So far, I still have a heart that seems to be incompatible with my age; I still have some passions that can make me proud. I want to thank programs such as "Moving Chinese Characters Award Ceremony", film and television dramas and literature works. I will cherish these characters, the spiritual nourishment and cultural cultivation that these stories bring to me. I will continue to work hard to make myself have a heart that can move, a passion that can have a certain degree of enthusiasm, think every day, work hard every day One day, happy every day, enjoy every day.

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